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The Couple Adopts A Kitten That Reminds Them Of Their Former Family Cat

The Couple Adopts A Kitten That Reminds Them Of Their Former Family Cat

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Every cat in the world is unique, but some cats may remind us of others either for their appearance, personality, or even fate. Even though it may seem impossible, it’s true, and this family’s story is here to prove it.

It all began when a tiny kitten, named Winston, with a leg injury was brought to the Nashville Cat Rescue shelter.

The poor kitten was just 4-weeks-old, enduring a lot of pain. He had no idea what was happening, but he trusted people around him, who did their best to help and treat him properly. 

kitten in man's arms
Credit: YouTube

Sadly, despite their efforts, Winston required surgery. While the shelter staff was preparing him for surgery, a married couple, Jamie and Brian Adams, were volunteering at the same shelter.

Suddenly, their paths crossed with Winston’s and at that moment, everything changed. When the couple learned about Winston’s fate, it brought back some memories that they simply couldn’t believe it was a coincidence.

kitten with mouth wide open
Credit: YouTube

Namely, the family once had a cat with a similar faith. A few years ago, they had adopted a three-legged shelter cat called Timmy. Sadly, things got complicated over time, and Timmy crossed the Rainbow Bridge due to cancer.   

The couple was devastated by the loss of their beloved feline friend, so they needed someone to help them move on.

close-up photo of adopted kitten
Credit: YouTube

The couple visited Winston before the surgery, and instantly fell in love with his adorable but brave spirit. Jamie said:

“The thing that touched our hearts the most was his strong will to live followed by his big cat eyes and ruffled coat. When we saw him, we knew he was ours. He curled up in a ball in my husband’s arms and refused to leave.”

Sadly, Winston lost one leg during the surgery, but that didn’t shake up his spirit. He remained a lovely, brave, and playful kitten full of life. Winston recovered in the blink of an eye and was ready for new adventures. 

adopted kitten
Credit: YouTube

Brian and Jamie were determined to adopt Winston and give him the best life possible. They believed it was simply destiny for them to become a family.

Besides new human parents, Winston also got a warm and loving home, including pet siblings – two cats and one dog. Slowly but surely, Winston truly blossomed in his new home and quickly loved everyone around him.

photo of gray cat
Credit: YouTube

Despite having only three legs, Winston is living his life to the fullest, showing us that even when you think there’s no way out, the best thing can happen to you. 

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