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Nana The Cat Is So Expressive That She Deserves An Oscar

Nana The Cat Is So Expressive That She Deserves An Oscar

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Believe it or not, some cats can be better actors than actors themselves. If you doubt that, just wait until you meet Nala, the cat with the most expressive face you’ll see!

Before I show you Nala’s movie-star looks, let me introduce her to all of you. Nala is a British Shorthair cat with the biggest and roundest blue eyes you’ll ever see. 

But, what’s fascinating about this kitty the most is her expressive face. Sometimes, you can tell a cat’s mood by its facial expression, but Nala takes all that to a whole new level.

Whether she’s happy, sad, annoyed, surprised, or in any other mood, it’s all visible on her cute face.

Upon realizing that, Nala’s owner created an Instagram account for her and the cat quickly went viral.

Now, Nala has 218K followers who enjoy her expressive looks on a daily basis. Scroll down to meet the cat who stole the internet’s heart and follow her on Instagram for more!


nana the cat lies down and laughs
Source: zuzu_and_nala


surprised cat nana
Source: zuzu_and_nala


cat Nana is lying on the floor with raised paws
Source: zuzu_and_nala


a frowning cat with a downcast look
Source: zuzu_and_nala


beautiful cat nana is sitting on the bed
Source: zuzu_and_nala


cat nana looks around confusedly
Source: zuzu_and_nala


cat nana with a collar
Source: zuzu_and_nala


cat nana with big eyes
Source: zuzu_and_nala


cat nana taunts
Source: zuzu_and_nala


cat nana is looking at the camera
Source: zuzu_and_nala


cat nana looks at the camera with her mouth open
Source: zuzu_and_nala


the cat calmly looks closely at the camera
Source: zuzu_and_nala


a surprised cat is lying on the floor
Source: zuzu_and_nala


cat nana with big surprised eyes
Source: zuzu_and_nala


beautiful cat nana is lying on the bed
Source: zuzu_and_nala


cat Nana looks around
Source: zuzu_and_nala


portrait of a beautiful cat next to her toy
Source: zuzu_and_nala


portrait of an angry cat
Source: zuzu_and_nala


portrait of a cat lying on its side
Source: zuzu_and_nala


portrait of a confused cat looking ahead
Source: zuzu_and_nala

Seeing Nala’s photos, it’s not a surprise that most of her followers say:

“This cat is so expressive that she deserves an Oscar!”

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