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Tuxedo Cat Found In New York Park All Skin And Bones Undergoes An Amazing Transformation

Tuxedo Cat Found In New York Park All Skin And Bones Undergoes An Amazing Transformation

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Once a stray, desperate feline, Andrew is now a happy kitty determined to never step a paw outdoors again. He holds onto his new owner, the person who gave him a second chance.

One day, Andrew, a sweet tuxedo furry boy, wandered into a park in the Bronx (New York), looking for food.

the cat walks towards the camera with its paw

He was in desperate need of help, all skin and bones. When a local rescuer noticed him, she couldn’t turn away but tried to help.

She offered him some cat food, but Andrew, despite his hunger, couldn’t eat. He was in obvious pain, drooling from his mouth. Recognizing the severity of his condition, the rescuer knew that Andrew required professional medical attention.

the cat is sitting next to the plate with food

She took him to Little Wanderers NYC knowing they could help. However, Andrew’s condition wasn’t good. The staff from the New York rescue said:

“He had a severe oral infection and could barely eat. His rescuer fed him liquids, as he cried in pain when trying to eat anything else.”

Fortunately, the professional team knew how to treat Andrew’s condition. They extracted four of his teeth and began treating the infection. 

a black and white cat lies in a box

Soon after the procedure, Andrew felt much better. He quickly transformed into a lovely tuxedo feline, stretching his toes, purring, and reaching for pets and cuddles.

The rescue staff realized Andrew just wanted to be loved and cared for. They said:

“He did not belong on the street, and he is so grateful.”

a man petting a cat while he looks at her

To ensure a comfortable recovery, Andrew was placed in foster care. He adored being around people, cuddling up next to his caregiver, and requesting endless affection. 

“He’s a super affectionate chap with only headbutts and kisses to give. He’s got big chubby cheeks and is the absolute sweetest!”

Later on, Andrew moved in with one of the foster volunteers, Jeff, and the tuxedo sweetie was determined to win him over.

portrait of a cat sitting and looking at the camera

It was love like no other. Andrew would follow his new human everywhere around the house, accompanied by the soothing sounds of purring.

Andrew eagerly awaited Jeff’s return every day, greeting him with kisses and cuddles. He would place his paws on Jeff and had no intention of letting him go.

the cat cuddles with the man he saved

Jeff realized that Andrew won his heart, meaning he couldn’t part with him. He said:

“I can hands-down say he’s the most affectionate, nice natured and trusting animal I’ve ever met. His purrs are as loud as a parked Harley Davidson with the engine left running.”

the cat is standing on the carpet and looking at the camera

Little did Jeff know that this sweet tuxedo boy would become his best friend and stay with him forever. The staff from Little Wanderers NYC said:

“His biggest worries are what time dad will be home from work to cuddle and feed him. These two have the sweetest bond ever.“

a black and white cat sits on a box

They added:

“Andrew was in rough shape when he was rescued from the Bronx. He was fully vetted and received a dental and is now a completely different cat. He now spends his days giving his dad headbutts, and helping his dad host parties.”

the cat walks towards the camera

From a struggling stray to one of the happiest kitties in the world, Andrew’s story warms hearts. 

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