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Ginger Cat Hilariously Collapses After A Sleepless Night Of Babysitting

Ginger Cat Hilariously Collapses After A Sleepless Night Of Babysitting

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Being a parent isn’t easy, and I’m sure many of you can relate to the joys and challenges it brings. However, it isn’t easy for our pets either, when all of a sudden, they have to put up with the new baby in the family.

But how? Well, one of the hardest parts of being a parent is that you can never get enough sleep. And what happens when you’re up all night trying to soothe a restless baby? Our pets will probably be awake too.

If you don’t believe that parenting is hard for our feline friends too, then this hilarious video might change your mind.

A TikTok user, Lindss shared a video of her ginger cat who’s out like a light after a sleepless night with the baby and the rest of the family.

@lindsssswat Same, buddy. #sleepregression #baby #catsoftiktok #fyp #momlife ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

In this 15-second video, you can see a cute baby staring off into the distance and an orange cat sleeping right behind him, like there’s no tomorrow.

The text on the video says:

“When you’re in the thick of a sleep regression and were up all night with the baby.”

And here’s the kicker – the cat seems to have passed out with its jaw wide open. I mean, is there anything that could rouse this kitty from such a deep slumber?

Adding to the humor, the baby’s expression says it all. It’s almost as if the little one understands that it’s his fault for the cat being exhausted.

Mom wrote in the caption: “Same buddy.” Clearly, she can relate to the cat’s exhaustion, and let’s face it, if the cat’s sleepy, mom’s even sleepier.

ginger cat sleeping
Credit: TikTok

However, all of this is just a part of being a parent that will flash before your eyes. Many TikTok users who’ve seen the video can relate, and they couldn’t help but share their humorous thoughts. One person joked:

“This needs to have that Reba song… she is a single mom who works two jobs and never stops.”

Others commented:

“Orange cats sleep like they pay bills.”

“He looks like he worked a full 12hr shift with zero breaks.”

I hope that the kitty will get the rest and gain some sleep because he’ll have to run and hide from the baby sooner than he thinks.

exhausted cat sleeping
Credit: TikTok

However, for those of you who are cat owners and expecting a baby… worry not as I have just what you need. 

The Anti-Cruelty Society advises you to prepare your cat for the arrival of a new family member. So, here are several helpful tips:

• Let your cat explore the new setting and baby items.

Introduce your cat to baby sounds by playing a recording of different baby sounds.

• Start playing the recordings at a low volume, especially when your cat’s eating or playing.

• Raise the volume gradually with each session until the cat becomes completely comfortable with the sounds.

Introduce the cat to all the baby supplies and scents, such as lotions or baby powder.

close-up photo of cat sleeping
Credit: TikTok

Moreover, if you’re worried about your cat not getting enough sleep when the baby arrives, it would be best to separate it into a nice and quiet room where they’ll be able to rest peacefully. 

Yet, don’t let your cat feel neglected; instead, shower them with attention and quality time whenever possible.

So, here’s to all the parents out there, both human and feline, navigating the tumultuous yet rewarding journey of parenthood!

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