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This Cat Is Crazy For Trader Joe’s Ciabatta (VIDEO)

This Cat Is Crazy For Trader Joe’s Ciabatta (VIDEO)

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Get ready for an adorable and quirky feline tale that will leave you chuckling! 

Meet Sparkle, the cat with an unexpected obsession – Trader Joe’s ciabatta bread. Yes, you read that right, ciabatta bread! Not your usual cat’s treat, but Sparkle’s love for it is nothing short of comical.

Sparkle’s ciabatta craze is a sight to behold. Anyone who dares to approach her beloved ciabatta better be prepared to face her hilarious wrath. You can witness her fierce dedication in action here. It’s like a ciabatta guardian on high alert!

Oddly enough, Sparkle isn’t into bread or dough in general; it’s exclusively Trader Joe’s ciabatta that tickles her fancy. 

You can see her ciabatta conquests here. It’s as if she has a sixth sense for spotting those ciabatta rolls in the grocery haul.

Sparkle’s owner, Ariel, sheds some light on this unique obsession, saying, 

“My husband does the food shopping, and so, one day he came home and Sparkle was about 6 months old, and he was unloading everything onto the counter. So she jumps up on the counter like she always, unfortunately, does, and she went to town on this bag of Trader Joe’s ciabatta rolls.”

Initially, Ariel thought it might just be a one-time thing, considering it was Sparkle’s first encounter with this “new item.” But, oh boy, were they in for a surprise! 

The next time those ciabattas made their way home, Sparkle’s craziness came out in full force. As Ariel puts it, 

“She just goes from normalcy to craziness.”

cat biting a bread

Since then, it’s been a recurring comedy routine. If the ciabattas aren’t stowed away in time, they become Sparkle’s “precious,” and woe betide anyone who tries to mess with them.

What’s even more amusing is that Sparkle isn’t interested in any other bread or pastries; it’s strictly ciabattas that make her heart race. 

black cat with bread

Ariel is still on a mission to decode what exactly it is about these ciabattas that have Sparkle under their spell.

The mystery behind Sparkle’s obsession may remain unsolved, but one thing is crystal clear: When it comes to ciabattas, Sparkle is one fiercely dedicated feline. 

So, next time you’re at Trader Joe’s, remember to steer clear of the ciabatta rolls if you don’t want to face the wrath of the adorable, ciabatta-loving guardian, Sparkle!

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