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Cat Comes To University Every Day To Give Students A Dose Of Her Love

Cat Comes To University Every Day To Give Students A Dose Of Her Love

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Cats go to universities too; however, they’re not there for a degree but rather for endless cuddles.

Allow me to introduce you to the Campus Cat! This ginger feline is a frequent visitor at one of the Universities and is well-known among the students.

the cat is lying on the lap of the student

One day, this sweet kitty came to this university, offering students her comforting cuddles. Ever since, she has been coming back, giving a dose of her love to each student. Andreas, Campus Cat Secretary said:

“Caring about the students is the main goal of the Campus cat besides sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping. Also, the cat walks all around the campus to really see all students from every faculty. A lot of students say Campus Cat helpt to relax or chill before tests, papers, exams.”

a man lies on the pavement a man caresses her

When Campus Cat first came onto campus, she was about a year old. Since then, she has been coming back every day. 

The cat enjoys receiving all the attention and cuddles, but what’s even better is that students absolutely love the kitty. 

She brings them comfort and helps alleviate their stress during exam times. Moreover, she is always there to lend an ear whenever they need someone to talk to.

a yellow cat sleeps on a man's side

Besides endless cuddles, this easy-going kitty loves to lay in the sun and mind her own business. Her favorite place is the library, where students come to take breaks or seek some moral support. One of the students said:

“It became almost a routine and took away the stress from everyone a bit.”

a smiling man is lying on the grass and petting a cat

The Campus Cat is living her best life. She is loved and well taken care of, and it’s obvious that she loves it there. Nothing can keep her away from being with the students.

the yellow cat is sleeping in the girl's arms

After all these years of residing on the campus, the cat’s real name remained a mystery. However, some people call her Sammy.

Here’s a photo of Sammy helping a student with her homework. Such a sweetie, haha!

the cat is lying on the desk in the classroom

Sammy, also known as the Campus Cat, is always there for her beloved students, never failing to bring them comfort.

a smiling man with glasses cuddles with a cat

Students take great care of Sammy, and in return, she cares for them too. Here’s a photo of Sammy keeping a student’s coat warm.

the cat sleeps on the black jacket

The Campus Cat became a permanent resident of the University. Students often refer to her as a Super-Cat, as she comes to their rescue every single day!

a yellow cat is sitting on the pavement

Such stories always brighten my day, reminding me that cats make this world a better place. If you agree with me, share this heartwarming story with your friends!

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