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Man Rescues A Cat And Gets Himself A True Comedic Partner In Crime 

Man Rescues A Cat And Gets Himself A True Comedic Partner In Crime 

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When Chad set out to rescue a stranded Siamese kitten from a deserted lot, little did he know he was about to meet his match in wit and humor. 

Every cat has its quirks, but Merv is in a league of her own when it comes to comedic timing.

cute kitten with blue eyes
Source: mervthepet

According to Chad, rescuing Merv was his wife’s idea. One day, he received a text from her saying that she had found a little kitty all alone, abandoned by her mother. 

She explained that the kitten was in an unsafe area, surrounded by toxic chemicals, and asked Chad to bring a box and a blanket so they could take her home.

Initially, Chad wasn’t too keen on the idea, as he had never wanted to own a cat. However, Merv worked her feline magic and quickly won him over, causing Chad to fall head over heels for her.

cat sleeping on the back
Source: mervthepet

Merv was in a dire state when they found her – barely able to walk and covered in ants and bugs. 

However, under the loving care of Chad and his wife, she quickly transformed into a happy and healthy kitty.

As Merv regained her strength, her playful personality emerged, and she began to show her comedic side by playfully attacking Chad. Initially, he found her behavior somewhat perplexing. He jokingly recalled:

“The first couple of days I wasn’t even really convinced she was a cat. She was sort of just trying to kill me, which happens sometimes with kittens. So, it took a little time, but we made it work.”

Despite being initially puzzled by her antics, Chad found himself thoroughly entertained by his new feline companion. Little did he know that Merv was destined to become a true comedy queen.

funny cat
Source: mervthepet

Chad had always been a funny guy himself. He loved cracking jokes, singing songs, and making funny noises, which Merv found incredibly entertaining from the moment they met. Once she started responding to his humor, she never seemed to stop.

The pair quickly became a dynamic comedy duo in their household! Just take a look at them goofing off on a random afternoon at home:

Chad describes Merv’s personality as wild, cheeky, and sassy – with a touch of bossiness. 

According to him, she takes her role as his fashion advisor very seriously, especially when it comes to selecting his socks. And accompanying him to the shower is a non-negotiable daily ritual for her.

Fortunately, Chad acknowledges that he shares many of the same qualities as Merv:

“Her behavior is just funny and hilarious and sassy, and I like to say the same about myself. That’s why we’re a good match.”

owner holding a cat
Source: mervthepet

Apart from bringing joy and laughter into his life, Merv also serves as a source of comfort and support for Chad. He shared:

“I work in a very non-common career as an actor. There are a lot of ups and downs and hustles and rejection. But Merv is always there to jump on me and purr and chill and keep my blood pressure low. We’re just best friends, and we cuddle all day.” 

For Chad, the best part of being a cat parent is having a comedic partner in crime, someone to share all the silly moments with.

Sure, he has his family and friends with whom he can be as silly as he likes, but let’s be honest: There’s nothing quite like a hilarious feline companion, right?

very funny cat
Source: mervthepet

Chad admitted that Merv has transformed his life in numerous ways, which I find both beautiful and inspiring. From someone who initially didn’t want to own a cat to becoming a proud cat dad of a comedic feline, Chad has truly come a long way.

For those captivated by Merv’s story and eager for more of her hilarious exploits, following her on Instagram is a must. 

And for anyone else who’s found themselves unexpectedly charmed by their own mischievous pet, I’d love to hear your stories in the comments. 

Whether it’s a playful prank or a funny habit, sharing these moments can remind us all of the joy and laughter our furry companions bring into our lives.

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