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You Won’t Believe What This Cat Did When His Owners Brought In A New Cat

You Won’t Believe What This Cat Did When His Owners Brought In A New Cat

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One evening, this couple headed out for some McDonald’s when the wife spotted a scruffy cat in the parking lot. The husband tossed a fry out the car window, and the cat hurried over. 

It was clear he was super skinny, dirty, and underfed. The poor thing was absolutely terrified! But this compassionate couple wasn’t about to give up…

“We were there for about two hours and he eventually took off. The next day we were like ‘We have to make sure that cat is OK!’ I geared up this time, I had a cage and I just sat there.”

cat in the parking lot
Credit: YouTube

The cat was still there, looking scared but somewhat relieved to see the kind couple again. 

After spending some time sitting near the cat, the man tossed a nugget into the cage, and the cat cautiously stepped in. They successfully caught him!

photo of a scared cat
Credit: YouTube

They took him to their garage to help him feel comfortable and get used to their presence.

“We’d go out every day and sit there and just call at him.”

The cat gradually warmed up to them, coming closer each time. The first time they managed to pet him, it seemed like he discovered how great petting feels because he quickly got used to it.

hands petting a cat
Credit: YouTube

The couple decided to move the cat into a guest bathroom with a gate, to gently get him familiar with the scents and his new surroundings. Gradually, he began to settle in.

cat in sink after a bath
Credit: YouTube

Now, their cat Jimmy… Oh, he was furious. He couldn’t believe his paw-rents had brought another cat into his territory. 

man introducing two cats
Credit: YouTube

They named the new cat Donald, and boy, Jimmy was not a fan of Donald, they remember. Then Jimmy did something totally outrageous and funny…

“Jimmy’s been mad. Because of Donald… and we find one of our wedding pictures… destroyed!”

man holding a wedding photo
Credit: YouTube

After Jimmy met Donald, there was a lot of hissing and wild behavior. But before long, they spotted them quietly sniffing each other.

“One day, they started sniffing each other. Then they would start playing on the chairs. This is perfect, they’re actually interacting. This is the moment of truth.”

cat on a chair looking at cat on the floor
Credit: YouTube

Their owners were thrilled! It seemed like Jimmy was finally warming up to his new brother.

photo of two cats
Credit: YouTube

Now, Jimmy absolutely adores Donald. They enjoy each other’s company. Their owners noticed that as soon as Donald felt the warmth of his new home, he totally chilled out. 

Their meowmy was ecstatic when Donald came over and cuddled up in her arms.

cat lying next to a woman
Credit: YouTube

This wonderful couple is so glad that Donald is safe with them and that they were able to rescue him and help him settle into his forever home. He now has furry siblings, caring owners, and a cozy, adventurous home.

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