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Cat Becomes Territorial Every Time His Mom’s Boyfriend Visits

Cat Becomes Territorial Every Time His Mom’s Boyfriend Visits

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In the cute story of Josh and Oreo, a rather amusing incident unfolds involving a pillow. Josh and Oreo share a special bond, but they have a silly fight over this pillow. 

This cute yet funny story also delves into Oreo’s backstory and how he came a long way from a stray to a cherished member of a loving family. 

Get ready for a heartwarming and funny story about Oreo, the cat who really cares about his pillow.

cat lying on a red blanket
Credit: @mroreo_96

Whenever Josh pays a visit, Oreo embarks on a playful skirmish with him, all centered around his beloved pillow – yes, his very own pillow. 

The moment Josh steps in and so much as touches the pillow, Oreo is like, “Oh no, you don’t!”

In the video, we witness Josh attempting to change Oreo’s pillowcase, but Oreo’s reaction is nothing short of wild! Then, Josh tries to offer him a fresh, clean pillow, and Oreo’s response is pure feline comedy.

You simply have to see it to believe it:

Oreo’s backstory reveals that he used to be an outdoor cat, living a tough life marked by malnourishment, matted fur, and patches of missing fur. 

As the weather grew colder, Alesha’s family rescued him from the streets and welcomed him into their home.

“When he was outside, he was pretty friendly, but then when we brought him inside the house, he was not as friendly then.”

Interestingly, Alesha and Josh were the ones who saved Oreo from life on the streets. However, once he settled into their home, Josh’s relationship with Oreo took a turn for the worse. 

cat lying on the floor next to a pillow

Alesha explains:

“He definitely has a sweet side to me and my parents. He sleeps in my bed when Josh isn’t here.” 

But Josh has a different story to tell – one of Oreo’s displeasure when he comes to stay overnight.

“Our relationship is not too bad, as long as I don’t go near him.”

black and white cat meowing

Their interactions make it abundantly clear that Oreo isn’t interested in a new pillow, no matter how hard Josh tries.

Nonetheless, Oreo can occasionally be persuaded with some delectable treats.

Still, he remains quite territorial about his beloved mommy. Josh perseveres in his quest to win Oreo’s favor, offering him new pillows and pillowcases, but…

cat bitting on a black item

Oreo isn’t having any of it! Josh admits: 

“He pretty much smacks anything I try to give him out of my hand.”

However, the whole family attests that Oreo is genuinely a good-natured cat. Alesha offers reassurance, saying,

“He’s not a mean cat. He’s very, very nice, but just spicy.”

Oreo’s journey from a challenging start to a loving home adds an extra layer of heartwarming charm to this tale.

And Josh’s ongoing efforts to win over Oreo’s affection serve as a heartwarming reminder that sometimes our feline friends have quirky habits that make life more interesting. 

In the end, Josh and Oreo’s playful pillow rivalry underscores the unique bonds that can form between humans and their beloved pets. It serves as a testament to the patience and time it can take to earn a cat’s trust and affection.

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