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Thanks To This Noble Nonprofit From Brooklyn, Sweet Furry Family Has Been Taken Off The Streets

Thanks To This Noble Nonprofit From Brooklyn, Sweet Furry Family Has Been Taken Off The Streets

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In a world that’s often filled with bad news, it’s truly a privilege to share a lifetime with a group of dedicated cat enthusiasts working on benefiting the lives of our feline friends.

This story comes from Brooklyn, New York, and highlights the efforts of Flatbush Cats, a nonprofit organization committed to managing and caring for the local outdoor cat population.

Recently, Flatbush Cats shared an inspiring rescue story on their YouTube channel involving a beautiful white cat and her four precious kittens. 

The rescue began with a call from a neighbor who had been trying to find an affordable spay-neuter solution for the stray cats in her backyard. 

Without access to these services, the number of cats continues to grow, contributing to the very problem Flatbush Cats is determined to address.

The Main Goal Of Flatbush Cats

cat on sidewalk
Source: flatbushcats

Did you know there are thousands of cats out there battling for survival, with countless kittens not making it beyond their first few months?

Rescue organizations are swamped with calls for help and facing huge vet bills, and shelters across the U.S. are maxed out and have been so for years.

To top it all off, around 50% of US pet households struggle to afford basic vet visits for their furry friends.

All of these problems concern Flatbush Cats, a nonprofit organization that exists to solve the cat overpopulation crisis in Brooklyn and beyond.

woman with gloves and cat
Source: flatbushcats

Flatbush Cats started as a small group of volunteers focused on TNR and rescue work. After rescuing hundreds of friendly strays and ferals in need of medical attention, they decided to take things to the next level.

Believing that every pet deserves to see a vet, they established Flatbush Veta new high-volume spay-neuter clinic, to serve both low-income cat owners and rescue and TNR volunteers across Brooklyn.

Their aim is to increase access to veterinary care, which will consequently get cats off the street, keep them out of shelters, and bring more equity to animal welfare, thus saving thousands of lives – for years to come. 

vet cleaning a cat
Source: flatbushcats

Burdened by the fact that there are tens of thousands of cats living outdoors in New York, fighting to survive, these benevolent people are relying on their donors, other kindhearted people willing to help felines in need. As they say it on their website:

“Recurring donors are the heartbeat of our mission to end that crisis.”

Rescue Mission Of The Mom Cat And Her Kittens

kittens in a box
Source: flatbushcats

The mission to rescue the mom cat and her kittens was just one example of the countless efforts by the Flatbush Cats team to address the ongoing issue of feline overpopulation in Brooklyn.

This particular family, consisting of a protective mother and her four fluffy kittens, represents just a fraction of the many litters born on the streets every year.

When the team arrived on the scene, they were initially met with a bit of caution from the mom cat. 

However, her instincts quickly allowed her to recognize that these folks were friends, not foes. Her demeanor shifted from defensive to welcoming, a sign that she understood the team’s intentions were good.

white cat and white kittens
Source: flatbushcats

Once the team successfully caught all of the felines, the first step was to assess the kittens’ health, even though they appeared healthy at first glance. They began by weighing them daily to ensure that all four of them were continuing to grow.

Their mom remained protective of them and proved herself to be the best caretaker. She was always there to ensure her babies stayed in their designated areas, assisting the team like a true cat rescuer herself.

cute white kitten with blue eyes
Source: flatbushcats

As the days passed, the kittens grew and eventually became big enough to roam freely on their own.

Their mom was still there, ensuring her marshmallow poofs remained clean while they tumbled around and teaching them how to look after each other.

Soon, it was time for them to say goodbye to momma’s milk and start eating wet cat food. During this transition, their brave mom encouraged them to seek food elsewhere, teaching them to become independent.

white kittens playing
Source: flatbushcats

The Flatbush Cats team ensured the kittens had all the essentials for a happy and healthy kittenhood, including cardboard castles and interactive toys to develop their coordination and hunting skills.

Thanks to their exceptional care and their mom’s vigilant supervision, the kittens blossomed into healthy cats ready for indoor living and their forever homes.

cat with different eyes
Source: flatbushcats

When it comes to adopting rescued cats, Flatbush Cats makes a devastating but inevitably true statement:

“It’s easy to find homes for cute kittens or a friendly young retired mom cat.”

Sadly, this means that some cats have a better chance at adoption. Geriatric, terminally ill, or disabled cats, however, don’t receive the same opportunities and often get overlooked in shelters or are first in line for euthanasia.

Breaking this cycle and preventing more strays and ferals from needing assistance is a daunting task. Yet, Flatbush Cats sees it as their duty – one they wholeheartedly embrace.

white cat on the floor
Source: flatbushcats

This noble organization is tirelessly driven by the ongoing cat overpopulation crisis, which is why they’re constantly striving to ensure more families and rescue volunteers have affordable access to spay-neuter services.

“When fewer cats are born outside, rescue groups and shelters will be able to give each one the life they all deserve.”

I hope this story inspired you as much as it did me. Sometimes we forget the immense dedication of organizations like Flatbush Cats and the daily challenges they face.

If you’d like to support them, I recommend visiting their website or Instagram profile and sharing their noble pursuit with your friends and family. 

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