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Rescued Cat Goes From Hissy To Happy After Receiving Help He So Desperately Needed

Rescued Cat Goes From Hissy To Happy After Receiving Help He So Desperately Needed

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When this tabby feline first arrived at the shelter, he was incredibly hissy and aggressive, suggesting that he would never find a home with such an attitude.

However, after a thorough examination, the vets were shocked to find an underlying issue, causing the cat to behave aggressively.

Initially, Waltz was extremely standoffish, terrified, and occasionally aggressive, making him difficult to approach. 

Recognizing his needs, the shelter transferred him to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, where he could receive the specialized care he needed.

Patrick McMillan, a caregiver at Best Friends, talked about Waltz’s arrival at the sanctuary in an interview:

“He would just kind of sprawl out in the rafters and hiss at us when we got close.”

Well, it’s not uncommon for cats to react this way as many of them freeze in fear after arriving at a new unknown place. 

The sanctuary team gave Waltz some time and space to settle in and adjust to his new surroundings. 

Soon after that, he underwent a vet examination where it was discovered he suffered from a painful dental disease, which explained his hissy behavior.

Poor Waltz was in great pain, and desperately needed professional care, and a little bit of love for a transformation of a lifetime.

After diagnosing his dental issues, the vets removed several of his teeth and put him on a special diet to aid his recovery. 

As soon as Waltz received the appropriate treatment, his demeanor began to change. He grew more curious about the people around him and slowly started to warm up to them.

When Waltz realized he was safe, he began to embrace his new life, free from pain. He even started greeting his caregivers with loving purrs. 

However, just as he was making progress, another issue started bringing him back down. Patrick shared:

“His eyes started getting glassy, and he had a mild upper respiratory infection that he just couldn’t shake.”

As soon as Patrick noticed these symptoms, Waltz was instantly returned to the clinic for a detailed examination.

Sadly, he was tested positive for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a deadly viral disease. However, Waltz turned out to have great luck. His infection was noticed on time, allowing him to be treated properly.

Waltz joined other cats recovering from FIP, and rather than succumbing to despair, he chose to fight. His resilience paid off, and he continued to thrive, relishing the attention he had grown to enjoy.

Now, Waltz is on the path to full recovery, but he has one more challenge to conquer – find a forever home. 

Given his remarkable transformation into a joyful cat who loves visitors, finding a family should be easy for him. We’re all rooting for Waltz to find the loving home he always deserves!

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