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Cat Found In Thrown-Out Toilet Bowl Transforms From Fearful To Affectionate In Minutes

Cat Found In Thrown-Out Toilet Bowl Transforms From Fearful To Affectionate In Minutes

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Rescuers from Puppy Kitty NY City made an unusual discovery: a cat hiding in a discarded toilet. Though initially appearing feral and scared, he turned out to be the sweetest cat ever! 

He adores kittens and absolutely loves interacting with people. Let’s dive into the heartwarming journey of this incredible feline. 

two cute gray cats
Source: Facebook

He was found hiding in a discarded toilet surrounded by trash. When the rescuers approached the cat, he was too scared to move. However, he allowed them to pet him, which was surprising. 

Meagan Licari, the president of Puppy Kitty NY City, received a video of the cat as it was believed he was abandoned, and in need of rescue. 

As soon as they saw the video, they rushed to the area to rescue the poor cat. 

cute kittens are hiding
Source: Facebook

Even though he was frightened, the cat did not refuse their help. They could safely remove the cat from the garbage scene.

“We couldn’t say no to this cat hiding inside a thrown-out toilet bowl.”

Meagan brought him to the rescue center, providing a cozy spot. Sadly, no one was looking for the cat, nor did he have a microchip. The cat was still a bit scared, but his hunger and curiosity prevailed. 

a woman caresses a cat that was hiding
Source: Facebook

Even though he was scared, the cat didn’t resist human touch. 

They named him Loo, and after a few good meals and kind-hearted people, he began to shine. As soon as Loo realized he was safe and secure, he started showing affection. 

the cat peeks out of its scratching post
Source: Facebook

Loo stayed in his cat tunnel for the first few days until he felt safe enough to come out freely. Then he finally stepped out, wanting to get all the affection he lacked in the past.

“We rescued him, and he ended up being the sweetest cat ever.”

the cat enjoys while the woman strokes its head
Source: Facebook

He loved cuddles and people, but he loved the kittens in the rescue center even more. Loo would snuggle up to people and headbutt them, but as soon as he’d see a kitten in need, he would rush to it. 

Look at Loo meeting a tiny version of him. 

the cat behind the cage looks after her kittens
Source: Facebook

They are adorable! 

Loo simply loved every kitten he met there. He licked them clean and snuggled them for as long as they wanted. Even those kittens who were shy before wanted to cuddle with Loo. He really taught the kittens how to interact with older kitties. 

the gray cat licks the kitten's neck
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Loo slowly became Meagan’s trustworthy helper, keeping the kittens socialized and groomed, always finding new ways to play with them. 

He turned out to be a blessing and a huge joy to all the volunteers.

a gray cat caressing a kitten
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When the time came to find Loo a fur-ever home, Meagan did her best to find the purrfect family for him. She also tried to find a family that owned another cat since Loo seemed to enjoy the company of his furry friends even more than people. 

Purrfectly enough, a kind couple with a feline friend came across Loo’s ad and instantly fell in love.

the cat climbs on the kitchen
Source: Facebook

After two months of living in the rescue center, Loo found his way to the loving embrace of this couple. He finally had a loving home with devoted humans and a furry sibling eagerly awaiting his arrival. 

the cat relaxed while the woman caressed it with her finger
Source: Facebook

Loo’s gratitude shines through as he showers his new owners with kisses and cuddles. 

a smiling girl takes a picture with a cat in her arms
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His new and fur-ever owner expresses their utmost happiness:

“We couldn’t be happier to say he’s found his forever home. He is going to have the best life.”

a cute gray cat
Source: Facebook

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