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7 Reasons Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me Then Bite Me

7 Reasons Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me Then Bite Me

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I’ve always wondered why does my cat headbutt me and then bite me, all of a sudden. Then I realized that I should learn more about my cat’s body language in order to understand what this behavior is trying to tell me.

Cats headbutt people a lot and this is actually called bunting. This is just one of the ways that cats interact with others. They also communicate by biting and this may occur for many reasons.

Sometimes it is just because they need something, or they want to play, or they just aren’t in the mood for petting and interaction. This is why it’s important that every owner knows what their cat is trying to say.

So, if you’re one of the cat owners who has to deal with this problem as I did, here are 7 reasons that answer the question why does my cat headbutt me then bite me. Check these out and learn something new that will help you to interact with your furry best friend!

Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me Then Bite Me: 7 Reasons

1. Cat’s Way Of Showing You Love

It is understandable that head butting means that your cat is showing you love and affection; after all, it’s a sweet gesture. By bunting people and other animals, a cat shows that she cares about them.

So then why does my cat headbutt me then bite me? Simply put, it’s a way for them to express their feelings and give you insight into what they want.

Usually, if it’s a gentle bite, your cat is showing you that she loves you. Some people refer to this kind of nibble as a love bite. It is believed that cats show affection to their owners by doing this because it is how their mother used to lick and nibble them when they were kittens.

So, how can you be sure that your cat is showing you love by headbutting and biting you when a bite can mean many different things?

Here are some signs that can help you identify when your cat is showing you love and affection:

Purring – this is one of the most common signs that a cat is comfortable around you. If she purrs, it means that she is really enjoying your company. I mean, who can resist a purring cat? I know I can’t.

Kneading – this “making biscuits” action is another popular sign that cats use when showing their affection. By kneading you, your cat wants to express her love for you and to show that she’s happy and comfortable with you.

Your cat is following you – sometimes, your cat may seem kinda creepy, following you around the house all the time. Don’t worry, she won’t harm you! This is a good sign. By following you, she is letting you know that she wants to spend more time with you.

Bringing Gifts – many cat owners don’t like this particular language of love, especially when it comes to outdoor cats. Cats are natural hunters, so when they hunt prey and bring it to their owner, they are trying to show how much they care about you.

A cat staring at you – although your cat may seem a little scary when she’s staring at you, don’t worry, it’s just another way of showing affection.

2. When A Cat Decides That It’s Had Enough!

When your cat enjoys being petted, and then all of a sudden she bites you, it could be related to overstimulation. That means that she’s had enough of your petting, or that you petted her in a restricted area, where she doesn’t feel comfortable.

Cats are known for their rapid mood changes. So, one moment she enjoys your petting and the next moment she bites you, clearly wanting you to leave her alone. These bites are usually harder than the previous more gentle love bites.

Cats have their own language through which they try to warn you, so here are a few signs of aggression that can help you recognize when your cat is angry and not in the mood, before they bite:

Putting her ears back or sideways – this is usually a sign that your cat is angry.

Tail swishing – this is one of the most common signs that your cat is angry and nervous. As soon as you see her swishing her tail, leave her alone!

Deep voice meowing – a lower tone can be a warning sign of anger.

Pulling out her claws – beware, she may raise her paw as well, waiting for a moment to swipe at you.

Her pupils dilate – this signifies a change in mood.

So, if you notice any of these signs, leave your cat alone and save your hands from scratches!

3. A Way Of Marking The Territory

When a cat head butts you, it also means that she’s scent marking you. Most people don’t know that by headbutting you, your cat spreads her scent and leaves pheromones on you. This is a signal of ownership to other cats.

They leave their scent on you by using scent glands which are located in their paw pads, lips, cheeks, forehead, and tail.

Again, the main question is why do cats bite after that? The answer is that both female and male cats may sometimes become over excited and nibble you while leaving their scent.

4. It’s Play Time!

Sometimes when your cat bites you after bunting, she wants you to know that it’s play time! This cat behavior can be often seen in kittens; this is one of their favorite ways to start a play session.

Be careful! You shouldn’t play with your cat with your hand, as it may convey a different message to the cat. To her, a hand is something that pets her and with which she plays, so that could be the reason for biting. The solution is to always use cat toys when playing with your cat.

5. Feed Me!

As already mentioned, cats have their own way of telling you something. So if a cat is hungry, she might headbutt you and then bite you just to let you know that she wants cat food.

This behavior doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s hungry. It may mean that she needs something else, or that you didn’t provide her with her necessities, such as water for drink or a clean litter box.

If your cat needs something, it’s most likely that she will take you to a particular place to show you what she wants or needs!

6. Cats Are Attention Queens

Every cat person knows that cats are real attention seekers. Well, sometimes when a cat nibbles you, it just means they want your attention.

They want to play with you or just cuddle with you.

Don’t assume that the cat will give up easily; they will continue to bother you until they get your attention. They can be very determined when it comes to getting what they want.

7. Your Cat Is In Pain

Another reason why cats rub against you and bite may be because they’re in pain for some reason. So, sometimes, you have to take your cat’s behavior seriously.

Cats can’t tell us if they are in pain, and often their owner is the only person who can help them, so they have to find ways to tell them, like this one.

If you suspect that your cat might be in pain, or if you notice your cat head pressing – ensure she gets a medical check up. Monitor her for other symptoms, and provide her with treatment if necessary.

The Best Tips On How to Stop Your Cat Biting You

It can be really funny when a kitten bites your hand and plays more aggressively than usual. Allowing her to bite you when she is small leads her to think that you are happy with it.

However, cats grow and so do their teeth and claws. If you don’t want an adult cat to bite you, you have to start training your kitten from the beginning.

How can you stop your cat from biting you? One tactic is to simply ignore it and do not react. Leave the situation and withdraw your attention.

Another way to stop her from biting you is to raise your voice or make a loud sound. This will let her know that you don’t approve of the biting. Always be sure to provide your cat with a lot of cat toys, to keep her attention and give her an alternative target to nibble.

What if I headbutt my cat back? Maybe then she’ll stop biting you. Some cats may accept it as a sign of affection but others may not like it. Either way, you can try this and it may contribute positively to the interaction between you and your feline friend.

Another wonderful thing to do with your pet is to start earning her trust. Pet your cat twice and then wait for her reaction. If she wants you to continue she will stay right next to you. If she doesn’t, she will just leave.

Respect your cat’s choice and they will respect you in return. Be patient, do this every day, and you’ll see the change.

All In All

Obviously, there are many potential reasons why does my cat headbutt me then bite me. It could be a sign of affection, or a sharp message that they’re hungry, angry or in pain. Because of that, it’s important that every pet parent knows how to read their pet’s body language.

I know that it’s adorable, especially when a cat’s headbutting me, but you should know that cats are very independent animals, and that they need their alone time.

If you plan on getting a kitten, teach her good habits and set boundaries from the beginning and earn her trust if you want to avoid problematic behavior.

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