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Giant Maine Coon Cat Gets Abandoned By His Family But Few Hours Later A Miracle Unfolds

Giant Maine Coon Cat Gets Abandoned By His Family But Few Hours Later A Miracle Unfolds

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When a 9-year-old cat made his way to the Humane Society of Carroll County in Maryland, he left quite an impression due to his remarkable size.

Meet Edgar, the ginormous kitty. This feline giant tipped the scales at just over 20 lbs. 

Edgar found himself under the shelter’s care after his previous family had to surrender him, as he wasn’t quite compatible with the little ones at home. 

Upon his arrival, the shelter’s team couldn’t help but marvel at his imposing presence.

Michelle Fidler, the director of animal care at the Humane Society of Carroll County, shared:

“Edgar was so sweet coming into the shelter and handled his intake process with shining stars.”

“We were all a bit taken aback by his size. He weighed in at 21 lbs.”

Given Edgar’s notable size, Fidler thought it might be nice to share his photo with the shelter’s Facebook followers. Little did she know just how much love and attention he would receive. She explained:

“As soon as an animal comes into our shelter we develop an adoption plan for it. And in Edgar’s case, we launched a social media campaign.”

To everyone’s astonishment, the campaign yielded success in just three short hours.

Fidler admitted:

“I never expected such an overwhelming response.”

The post has been viewed by over 1 million people in no time!

Among those captivated by Edgar’s photo circulating on Facebook was Jenna Marie. She was thoroughly impressed and couldn’t take her eyes off him. 

“I first saw his photo circling around Facebook on Tuesday, and I was in awe. I’ve never seen a cat like him before, and he really caught my eye. He’s beautiful!”

Jenna suggested to her boyfriend that they might want to provide their cat with a feline companion, and he enthusiastically agreed.

 “We went to the Humane Society to see if we would be lucky enough to take him home.”

Upon meeting Edgar, the couple received a warm and friendly welcome from him. Jenna remarked: 

“He has the coolest personality. He’s affectionate and very laid back.”

It was a perfect match in every sense!

Thanks to the power of social media, just a few hours after Edgar’s arrival at the shelter, he was on his way to his new family and a fur-ever home.

Jenna happily reported how he’s getting along wonderfully with their other pets, a dog and a cat.

Just take a look at Edgar and Loki bonding happily in their loving forever home.

“He’s settled right in as if he’s been here for a long time already. We absolutely love him!”

It was a heartwarming outcome, and Edgar couldn’t possibly be happier. He’s truly enjoying his newfound big family. Feel free to share this heartwarming adoption story with your friends.

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