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Cute Winnie And Her Stuffed Toy, A Love Story Rarely Seen!

Cute Winnie And Her Stuffed Toy, A Love Story Rarely Seen!

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I’ve had many pet cats but none of them loved a stuffed toy as much as this cat, named Winnie, loves hers. My cats love to play, without a doubt, but they don’t really carry a stuffed animal around or sleep with one. 

This incredibly cute kitten named Winnie has a favorite stuffed toy that she carries around, hugs, and cuddles! 

Check out this video and the following photos, but beware of cuteness overload! This is a bond we don’t see very often. 

Cute Winnie hugged a stuffed toy
Via tiktok: @shananwoods

Her owner Shanan shared Winnie and her stuffed wolf toy on TikTok and I was amazed. Winnie is so cute; I couldn’t believe the love she has for her stuffed animal. Shanan also claims that she has never seen a cat bond with a toy this much. 

“A love story. Just a kitty and her wolf toy.”

Cute Winnie is sleeping with a stuffed toy
Via tiktok: @shananwoods

A lot of people commented on Shanan’s posts and asked whether she’d adopt a second cat to keep Winnie company. We don’t have the answer to this question yet, which I completely understand. 

Adopting another cat is a whole new responsibility, so Shanan should take the time to reconsider this decision. People also commented that she should never separate Winnie from her toy. 

Azam Khan wrote: “Keep them together. Please.” to which she responded: “Always!”

Have you ever seen a burritto cat before
Via tiktok: @shananwoods

Winnie has a nickname as well, and it’s Little Wolf. How adorable is that? 

She just walks around, carrying her toy wolf like a baby. Shanan calls her many names, one of which is Little Wolf, even though her stuffed wolf toy is an even smaller wolf. 

How I wish my cats would care about their toys as much as Winnie. My cats are little wreckers – they scratch and tear every toy I get them.

the cat is standing on the armchair and playing with a stuffed toy
Via tiktok: @shananwoods

Just look at her carrying her toy, my heart just melts when I see stuff like this. These photos are so incredibly cute! I’m so glad I stumbled upon Shanan’s profile and got to see this adorable little cat. 

If you want to see more cute videos of Winnie and her wolf toy, follow Shanan on TikTok. You’ll see many videos of Shanan, Winnie, and toy wolf, of course. Winnie grew up, but she did not leave her Wolfie behind!

the cat plays with its paws with a stuffed toy
Via tiktok: @shananwoods

I never even thought that a cat could share such a bond with a stuffed animal. It is really cute, I hope my cats will appreciate their toys one day…lol. 

Did your cat ever bond with a stuffed toy as Winnie did? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments.

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