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Cat Enjoys ‘Piano Hammer Massage’ While His Owner Plays Christmas Songs

Cat Enjoys ‘Piano Hammer Massage’ While His Owner Plays Christmas Songs

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I think I’ve said it a million times, and yet I’ll never get tired of saying it: every cat is unique. They all have their own quirks, some similar to others while some definitely unique.

With that being said, this fluffy feline is no exception. A cat named Haburu has a habit of getting a “piano massage” while his owner, Thầy Minh plays the piano. 

You see, Minh is quite the piano maestro, boasting over 550k followers on YouTube. And what’s making waves in his videos? None other than our very own Haburu, enjoying the melodies and, of course, the massage.

man holding cat and sitting by piano
Credit: Minh Piano

Their YouTube channel has been a hit, drawing in music aficionados and cat lovers alike. And guess what? As the Christmas season rolls around, this dynamic duo gets into the holiday groove.

In most of Minh’s videos, he entertains us with Christmas classics, while Haburu finds a cozy spot on the piano to doze off.

cat lying on piano
Credit: Haburu

If you visit their YouTube channel, you’re in for a musical treat, from “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” to “Jingle Bell Rock.” Trust me, you’ll appreciate these tunes in a whole new light with Haburu’s peaceful nap time routine.

Even though Minh’s musical repertoire spans genres, some of their most popular videos feature Haburu, the piano, and Christmas carols.

cat wearing santa hat lying on piano
Credit: Haburu

Most of the time, Haburu is the picture of tranquility, either snoozing or lounging gracefully. But every now and then, he’ll request a little mid-session petting. 

It’s a harmonious relationship, with both Minh and Haburu enjoying the piano’s soothing melodies.

Minh enjoys playing the piano and Haburu enjoys the massages, what more could they want? 

photo of cat lying on piano
Credit: Haburu

Their social media fans can’t help but shower them with admiration, but one comment on Facebook caught my eye: 

“Please, bring a cat with you on your next tour.”

Well, I’d love to see that concert for sure! How about you? 

I trust you’ve enjoyed this delightful tale. And if you want to stay in the loop with Haburu’s day-to-day adventures, follow them on Facebook or subscribe to their YouTube channel

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