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Cat Loki Is Obsessed With His New Panda Costume As If He Knows How Cute He Looks

Cat Loki Is Obsessed With His New Panda Costume As If He Knows How Cute He Looks

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Meet Loki, as his parents say, ‘the most chaotic cat on the internet.’ He is a gorgeous-looking tabby cat who’s well-known for doing remarkable tricks, and his intelligence.

Besides his amazing tricks, Loki is one huge costume lover. Yeah, while most kitties don’t like wearing costumes, Loki is crazy about them, especially when he gets a new one.

In the video below, you can see an excited Loki, who brings his new panda costume to his owner to help him put it on. Once Loki puts the costume on and transforms into a furry panda, he can’t hide his happiness. 

He instantly becomes obsessed with his new costume and can’t stop posing in front of his owner, clearly showing he loves his new look.

However, this isn’t Loki’s first costume. Besides being an ameowzing trick performer, he also dresses up in adorable costumes suggested in the comments below his TikTok videos. 

The most important thing is that Loki loves what he’s doing. He craves attention all the time, but he also knows how to get it. His human mom shared:

“He loves attention, and he got A LOT attention the first time I put a costume on him, so he knows that bringing me costumes will get him attention.”

Well, that sounds like a win-win situation, and it’s very fun to see such an outgoing kitty.

Loki is a one-in-a-million cat who likes to wear costumes. The truth is that most cats don’t like wearing costumes at all. That’s exactly what many people warned about in the comments below the video.

Trying to put a costume on a cat who doesn’t allow it may not end up as expected. Therefore, it would be best to avoid putting costumes on your cat. 

If you truly wish to get a costume for your cat for special occasions such as Halloween and similar, then make sure you get the simplest, cat-friendly costumes that aren’t too tight or irritant to your feline friend.

Knowing your feline friend well will guide you in understanding their limits. Don’t force them into something they dislike—it’s as simple as that.

On the other hand, if your cat shows no aversion to a simple costume, you can explore more elaborate options. Who knows? They might just become costume stars like Loki!

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