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Cat Visits Hospital Every Day And Gets Hired As A Security Cat

Cat Visits Hospital Every Day And Gets Hired As A Security Cat

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Every cat parent knows how our feline friends can be persistent with things they want. Nothing can stop them from achieving their goals.

Just like that, Elwood, a cat with a charming appearance and personality, kept visiting the local hospital until he got hired as a security cat.

Elwood appeared out of nowhere and started roaming around the local hospital. He was an occasional visitor there for over a year who progressed so much.

cat in front of hospital

From an occasional visitor to a permanent staff member as a security cat who has his own badge that proves it.

While no one’s sure where he came from, one thing is obvious – Elwood is so dedicated to his work, keeping the hospital and everyone there safe and under control. 

He’s always at the hospital doing his job the best he can. However, sometimes, he takes a break to have a few quick pats and cuddles and immediately returns to work.

cat sitting on the ground

Hard work always pays off, sooner or later, and Elwood is a true example. He was so dedicated to his work that the hospital security officially hired him and welcomed the cat to their security team. 

He has been given his own security staff badge, identical to that of his coworkers, and no one wears it prouder than he does.

beautiful cat near house

I’m sure this is the safest hospital ever, with the sweet security cat who takes his job very seriously and can’t miss a thing.

After seeing Elwood, the security cat, on the Internet, people were amazed by the hospital’s decision to hire this furry boy. 

elwood cat badge

One person commented:

“Since cats are territorial, this job is just about fit for this furball. Just look at his expression. It says it all.”

Another person wrote:

“It’s good to know more and more establishments are hiring stray animals as their employees… where they are well taken care of and at the same time make people happy… it’s a win-win situation…”

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