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California Woman Adopts Cat Who Resembles Her Childhood Pet 57 Years Later

California Woman Adopts Cat Who Resembles Her Childhood Pet 57 Years Later

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Cats have a magical way of sneaking into our hearts and leaving their mark on our memories, even long after they’re no longer with us. 

In San Jose, California, a woman has been longing for a cat companion she had when she was a child. 

picture of cat
Credit: Instagram

This longing had stayed with her for more than fifty years. It all started back in 1967 when a young girl, who is now Allie’s stepmom, formed an extraordinary bond with a fluffy, orange kitten. 

That little furball became her best friend and someone she could trust with all her secrets. But as time went on, as it often does, the cat eventually crossed over the rainbow bridge. 

The years that followed were filled with treasured memories, but the woman never found another cat that could fill the void left by her beloved companion. She still yearned for that special connection, hoping to find it once again.

Fast forward to now, Allie, a devoted foster parent, took in a group of kittens. One of them, a chubby orange cutie, was named Drumstick. 

ginger kitten on the couch
Credit: Instagram

From the moment her stepmother met Drumstick, there was an instant connection. They both felt it. 

Her stepmom was charmed by him and knew he was unique. After a smooth introduction to their current cat, it was obvious – Drumstick, soon to be Colonel Mewett, was meant to stay with them forever.

However, Drumstick’s life wasn’t always easy. He was found all alone in a park when he was only two days old, and sadly, he lost his siblings. 

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But luckily, a kind person came to his rescue and a neonate expert took care of him with great dedication. Now, with Allie keeping a close eye on him, Drumstick thrived. 

He lived up to his nickname by growing really fast. Right from the start, he had a laid-back personality that made him a delight to take care of. 

Whether he was snuggling on the couch with a happy purr or going on a surprisingly calm car ride, Drumstick seemed unaffected by the world around him. Even when it was time for his nails to be clipped, he remained surprisingly calm.

ginger kitten in hand
Credit: Instagram

Colonel Mewett has finally found his forever home and is all set to start a brand new chapter in his life. 

With his playful tricks and relaxed attitude, he is sure to bring boundless happiness to his new family. And for his human mom, Colonel Mewett is like a heartwarming reunion with the feline companionship she loved during her younger days.

adorable ginger kitty
Credit: Instagram

Oh, how beautiful is this story? I just loved it! I am so happy for Allie’s stepmom and Colonel Mewett. They deserve all the purrs and snuggles in the world!  

This is exactly why fostering is so important – it gives amazing animals like Colonel Mewett a second chance and brings so much joy to the lives of both the fosterer and the forever family.

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