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Cat Goes Viral For Its Grumpy Expression While Being Rescued From The Ceiling

Cat Goes Viral For Its Grumpy Expression While Being Rescued From The Ceiling

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This super grumpy cat went viral not for its dramatic rescue, but because of its funny annoyed face that seemed to be saying, “Finally! It’s about time you arrived!” 

One fine day, the fire and rescue service got a strange call: someone heard loud cries coming from the ceiling of an apartment building. 

Not knowing where it was exactly coming from, they sent a group of animal doctors to check it out and try to save the day.

When they got there, the team listened for the sad meows and used heat sensors to find out where they were coming from. 

They cut a hole in the ceiling very carefully and saw something that would soon become internet-famous.

Instead of a scared cat, they found a grumpy tabby cat sitting in the corner. They named the cat Felis Frustratus (which means “Grumpy Cat” in Latin) and it looked more confused than thankful, with a big frown on its small face.

The fire and rescue service posted a picture of the “curious cat” on Facebook and explained how they saved it. Even though Felis Frustratus was probably happy to be free, people on the internet saw something else. 

firefighter and kitten
Source: Facebook

The photo, showing the cat looking annoyed, became really popular and got lots of comments. People on social media were fascinated by Felis Frustratus’ unimpressed attitude. They made jokes about the cat not being grateful and being the best at hiding.

However, hidden behind the wrinkled forehead was a frightened and bewildered cat. Being trapped in a ceiling is definitely not a pleasant experience for any animal, and Felis Frustratus was surely relieved when it was finally saved. 

The brave firefighters and rescuers made sure that Felis Frustratus received the necessary medical care and, hopefully, found a forever home where it can feel safe and loved, without ever having to worry about getting stuck in a ceiling again. 

This grumpy-looking kitty may have become famous on the internet, but its story reminds us all about the importance of rescuing and taking good care of our feline friends.

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