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Rescuers Devastated After Finding Over 40 Cats Trapped In A Car On A Scorching Summer Day

Rescuers Devastated After Finding Over 40 Cats Trapped In A Car On A Scorching Summer Day

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Every day we hear various rescue stories and all of them break our hearts into pieces. However, today’s story is not just about rescuing one afflicted cat, but 47 of them.

A concerned citizen alarmed the Chicago Sheriff’s Office about a car with cats inside on a parking lot in Harris, Minnesota. Upon arriving at the parking lot, Minnesota State Patrol officers knew they couldn’t handle the situation by themselves.

They immediately informed the Animal Humane Society about the situation. Animal Humane Society, located in Minnesota, is more than just a shelter. The AHS is a welfare organization helping pet parents and animals across the country.

Since the rescue agents from AHS are trained for such situations, they rushed to the scene to do what they do best-rescue. 

You are probably wondering how all these poor souls ended up in a situation like this? The owner of the afflicted cats was residing in the car for quite some time. Not having a place to go with his cats, the owner tried to provide them shelter in his car.

Despite the owners’ wish to provide the cats a safe place while searching for a home, a car is not proper accommodation for 47 of them.

For example, on a normal 80 Fahrenheit degree day, after just 20 minutes, the temperature in a car can reach up to 109 degrees Fahrenheit. According to PetMD, it takes about 104 degrees Fahrenheit for a cat to get a heatstroke.

For this reason, the quick actions of the Animal Humane Society were more than necessary. Luckily, the owner was cooperative as he understood that the AHS would provide medical care and find them safe and happy homes. 

The cats rescued ranged from one-year-old to senior sweethearts and considering the environment they were found in, no serious health issues were discovered by the AHS veterinarian team. 

A significant portion of them were taken in by trusted and loving rescue partners who work closely with the AHS, while the rest went to the AHS shelter.

A happy ending is more than welcome after a story like this. Fortunately, all the cats taken in by the Animal Humane Society found a forever home

To wrap things up, remember to always reach out to your local animal shelter or rescue organization if you discover a cat in need. Trained volunteers and professionals will provide the best care possible and most importantly a safe home for the little furr balls.

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