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Cat Heals A Woman’s Broken Heart After Losing Two Loved Ones

Cat Heals A Woman’s Broken Heart After Losing Two Loved Ones

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Alexa Wall had always cherished her cat Amos, whom she adopted as a tiny kitten. From the first moment she saw him, she knew he was meant to be hers. Amos grew into a handsome and joyful presence in Alexa’s life, bringing her constant happiness.

Tragically, when Amos was five years old, he was hit by a car. Alexa lost her beloved cat and her heart was broken into pieces. Sadly, this wasn’t the only devastating loss Alexa experienced…

Shortly before Amos’s accident, Alexa’s mom had also passed away. The grief of losing both her beloved mother and her cherished cat left a deep scar in her heart and she felt like she was drowning in sorrow, as she shared in her story:

“At this point, there was so much death that I almost felt I was dying. It nearly overcame me.”

kitten on white sheet
Credit: Alexa Wall

A while later, Alexa learned about a tiny kitten in desperate need of a home. Her friend, who worked at an animal shelter, told her about this precious bundle of fur, sensing that Alexa might benefit from new companionship to help soothe her grief.

Her friend was right; this was exactly what Alexa needed and she didn’t hesitate to bring this baby home. She knew she had to give this kitten a chance at a better life, just as she’d once given Amos.

The kitten was only ten weeks old when Alexa took her in. Initially, she was frightened, trembling in her unfamiliar surroundings. However, with time and patience, she settled in and truly felt at home. Alexa reflected:

“She came to me at 10 weeks old. She was so scared in this new place, she was shaking. She got accustomed in her own time, and she just felt right.”

kitty looking back
Credit: Alexa Wall

As days passed, Alexa watched with bated breath as the kitten began to thrive in her care. She named her Oasis, for she brought a sense of calm and tranquility to Alexa’s life amidst the sorrow that threatened to consume her.

Oasis became more than just a pet to Alexa; she became her lifeline, rescuing her from despair and offering unconditional love and support. Their bond grew stronger with each passing moment and they became inseparable.

Two years later, Alexa cannot imagine her life without Oasis. This endearing cuddle bug follows her everywhere like a loyal companion. Every night, Oasis curls up with her, providing comfort and soothing her to sleep, as Alexa shared:

“It’s been two years, and we are so close. She follows me around almost like a dog, and she lays on me every night to go to sleep.”

a cat laying on blue sheets
Credit: Alexa Wall

Losing her mom and then Amos had left Alexa feeling as if a huge part of her had been ripped away, leaving an aching void. Thanks to Oasis, that void is now filled with boundless joy, reminding Alexa of the endless capacity for love she holds within.

Our furry friends truly have a unique way of healing our hearts. They provide a solace that is pure and unwavering, and a strength that lifts us up, no matter how tough life gets.

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