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Woman Wakes Up To A Baby Cam Alert About A Furry Intruder In Her Baby’s Crib

Woman Wakes Up To A Baby Cam Alert About A Furry Intruder In Her Baby’s Crib

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The other night, while I was deep into my late-night TikTok scrolling, I stumbled upon what might just be the most beautiful video ever recorded. 

It captures a cat named Luna snuggling inside the crib of her newborn baby sister, Kallie. 

The entire scene was caught by a baby cam. The notification of a furry intruder alerted mom, Kelly, who melted at the sight of her two babies cuddling together. 

Thankfully, Kelly decided to share this heartwarming bonding moment on her TikTok page for others to enjoy. The video quickly garnered over 27 million views, melting the hearts of people worldwide. 

If you’ve missed it, here it is now! Disclaimer: It may cause baby (or cat) fever!


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♬ original sound – Kelly De Alba

In an interview, Kelly recalled the first time she saw Luna in Kallie’s crib:

“I got a notification, so I opened it, and I just saw Luna rubbing all over her. The camera was right in her face, and they were both looking at it like, ‘Mom, please don’t separate us. Please don’t. Let us stay!’”

According to Kelly, Luna was snuggled next to her human sister, refusing to move even after she heard her mom’s voice shooing her away through the camera’s microphone. 

However, she soon left Kallie’s crib, knowing she’s not supposed to be in there when her mom isn’t around.

But who can really blame her for this little mischief? Luna adores being near Kallie and always finds her way to her favorite human – even in the middle of the night when everyone is sound asleep!

baby and a cat
Credit: @kellydealba

Luna is not a cat of many meows, but whenever she hears her mom talking about Kallie, she immediately starts meowing. 

The same goes for Kallie; the moment she hears her mom mention Luna or senses her approaching, her face lights up and she flashes the biggest smile her adorable baby face can muster. 

These two girls truly are best friends and insist on doing everything together

Friendship Like No Other

cat lying on a baby
Credit: @kellydealba

Right after Kelly gave birth to Kallie, she visited her local shelter to adopt a kitten that could grow up alongside her baby. 

Within days, the shelter staff introduced her to Luna, the perfect kitten for their family. 

Kelly felt an instant connection between Luna and Kallie and knew she couldn’t leave without her; she was exactly what they were looking for. They adopted Luna and thus began their adventure.

cat lying next to a sleeping baby
Credit: @kellydealba

Luna quickly proved to be a real snuggle bug, adoring cuddles from all family members, especially Kelly’s older children. 

Yet, her favorite human was undoubtedly Kallie

Luna is always gentle with her, understanding her baby sister means no harm, no matter how hard she pulls on her fur. That’s highly unlikely for a cat, right?

baby and cat in a carrier
Credit: @kellydealba

Even though the entire family loves Luna – and Luna adores them in return – she has always been Kallie’s cat from the start. As Kelly puts it:

“From the start, she’s kind of been Kallie’s cat. And I never saw it going the way it did. It is literally a baby and a cat bond. Everyone always said, ‘The cat will pick you!” And she did!”

I hope you enjoyed this little duo as much as I did. For more Luna and Kallie content, check out  Kelly’s TikTok and watch these two inseparable friends grow up together. 

And if you’re a new parent yourself, consider adopting a kitty for your baby to grow up with. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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