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Cat Keeps Hugging Every Shelter Visitor Hoping Someone Would Take Him Home

Cat Keeps Hugging Every Shelter Visitor Hoping Someone Would Take Him Home

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When a kind stranger found a stray cat searching for food, they fed him and kept a close eye on him. This small act of compassion was just the thing Lenu needed to turn his life around.

Lenu, the cat, turned out to be a friendly and affectionate soul. The kind stranger who helped him eventually brought him to Lollypop Farm, their local animal shelter in New York.

It was clear that Lenu had once been someone’s pet, but circumstances left him on his own. 

shelter cat
Credit: Lollypop Farm

As soon as he arrived at the shelter, Lenu’s friendly demeanor took everyone by surprise. He greeted every visitor and shelter worker with purrs and affection, eager to be near people and make friends. Lollypop Farm shared in an interview:

“It was clear that the cat was very friendly and socialized before living outdoors. It is believed that he was left behind when his previous caretakers moved away.”

cat sleeping at shelter
Credit: Lollypop Farm

While the shelter initially thought Lenu was a girl, a vet exam revealed that he was a male cat who had undergone a procedure for urinary issues. Despite the mix-up, the shelter staff adored Lenu all the same. 

He loved snuggling up to staff and hugging volunteers. He’d wrap his paws around anyone who let him climb up and snuggle. The shelter shared:

“He spent his days cuddling with staff members and volunteers. He loved everyone. He is a 4-year-old, 17-pound gentle soul who just wants to snuggle everyone he meets.”

cat lying in visitor's lap
Credit: Lollypop Farm

The same thing happened when a shelter worker’s son visited the shelter! Lenu saw his chance to make a new friend and didn’t hesitate to grab it. He hugged the boy like no other cat ever hugged him.

It seemed like Lenu’s ultimate goal was to make every human who entered that shelter fall in love with him. Their touching bear hug was shared on social media, where it caught the attention of a couple who instantly fell in love with Lenu.

cat hugging a boy
Credit: Lollypop Farm

The couple visited the shelter to meet Lenu in person, and it was indeed love at first sight. Lenu quickly chose them as his new family, settling into their laps and claiming them as his own. The shelter proudly shared:

“He was adopted exactly one day after becoming available for adoption.”

cat lying on man
Credit: Lollypop Farm

Now, Lenu thrives in his new home with his loving family. His gentle personality and affectionate nature have made him the center of attention. His new meowmy and daddy adore him and enjoy cuddling with him. As the woman shared:

“My husband and I love his gentle temperament. He gets all the belly rubs and the chin scratches. He acclimated so fast, and he’s become our baby boy.”

cat getting belly rubs
Credit: Lollypop Farm

Lenu had no problem adjusting to his new life and his new forever home. He has claimed his role as “the hugger” of the family! As his forever hoomans share:

“He does so well meeting family and friends and loves to be the center of attention. We couldn’t have asked for a better guy, and we couldn’t love him more.”

shelter cat lying
Credit: Lollypop Farm

Lenu’s heartwarming story reminds us all how a little bit of compassion and kindness can go a long way.

Lenu was once abandoned and alone, and now he’s a cherished member of a loving family. He’s been given the chance to thrive and show how much love he has to give! I hope more stray cats will get the same chance in the future.

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