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Cat Left At A Shelter Came With A Heartbreaking Note And A Shocking Surprise

Cat Left At A Shelter Came With A Heartbreaking Note And A Shocking Surprise

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One day at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in North Carolina, the staff was stunned to find a dilute calico cat left in a carrier at their doorstep, accompanied by a heart-wrenching note:

“My mom can’t keep me anymore. Please take me in. I promise I will be a good cat.”

The cat, brimming with affection and appearing well-cared-for, immediately charmed the staff. They said:

“She was very friendly from the moment she arrived.”

The staff named the cat Pricilla and promptly gave her a full check-up, only to uncover a surprising twist: Pricilla was expecting! 

The vets discovered she was pregnant, which was probably why her previous owner couldn’t care for her anymore, leaving her at the rescue. The vets shared:

“We realized she was pregnant during her medical examination, and we did an ultrasound to confirm. We are grateful Pricilla was with us because she had extreme complications.”

Pricilla had to undergo emergency life-saving surgery, and she and her kittens were saved in the nick of time. She gave birth to three gorgeous kittens: a white, a dilute orange, and a dilute calico.

After a few days, Pricilla continued her journey to recovery in a foster home, along with her three babies, Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

Pricilla thrived in her new home, expertly caring for Snap, Crackle, and Pop while the foster family provided nutritious food and a clean, warm space for the furry family. 

Contrary to some fiercely protective mothers, Pricilla took pride in showing off her kittens to visitors.

As the kittens weaned and their personalities emerged, they grew into playful, adorable furballs. Meanwhile, Pricilla started enjoying more time with her human caretakers.

When the kittens were old enough, they quickly found forever homes with loving families, leaving their mother behind.

However, her happy ending was waiting for her just around the corner as well. She was spayed and ready to embrace a new fresh start in life with a loving family.

Her gentle and endearing nature quickly won over a wonderful family, eager to fill her life with love and care.

From being left outside the shelter to finding happiness with new families, Pricilla and her kittens have come full circle, all thanks to the compassionate care of the rescue staff and the warm embrace of their adoptive families.

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