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Man Notices Stray Cat He’s Been Feeding Is Acting Weird And Discovers A Shocking Truth

Man Notices Stray Cat He’s Been Feeding Is Acting Weird And Discovers A Shocking Truth

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A calico cat named Belladonna lived her whole life without anyone realizing she was not like other strays. She navigated the streets of Bronx, New York, wandering through every alley, relying on her senses just to get by.

Her life took a heartwarming turn when Juan, a kind man and animal rescuer, decided to help her.

Juan is a true hero for the local stray and feral cats. He makes sure they have food, are healthy, and tries to get them spayed or neutered with the help of local rescue groups. 

Belladonna, with her beautiful calico fur, was one of many cats Juan looked after. She regularly visited his feeding station, but no one knew she couldn’t see.

One day, Juan noticed something different about Belladonna. She was navigating the streets with ease but wasn’t reacting to things the way a cat with sight would. 

He realized she was blind and grew concerned for her safety, especially since she was also losing weight quickly. Soon, Juan reached out to Little Wanderers NYC, a local rescue group, and they swiftly reacted:

“Our rescuer scooped her up immediately. Although she was struggling with pretty severe anemia, she was otherwise adjusting well to her new indoor life.”

Little Wanderers NYC jumped into action. They took Belladonna in and started caring for her. She was weak and suffering from severe anemia, but she was finally off the streets and safe, ready to begin a new chapter.

Just when it seemed things were getting better, Belladonna’s health took a turn for the worse. She grew weaker, stopped eating, and started sleeping all the time. Sadly, the vets diagnosed her with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

“We were given two choices. Euthanize her in the next day or two, as she would soon be gravely suffering. Or, contact FIP Warriors, purchase the life-saving medication and get her started as soon as possible.”

The rescue team didn’t give up. With the help of the FIP warrior community, they found special medicine for Belladonna. 

Suzy, one of the rescuers, drove a long way to get the medication, and just two days after starting the treatment, Belladonna’s condition began to improve. Little Wanderers NYC shared on their Facebook page

“Within two days she was walking better, eating more, and showed a little bit more life in her gorgeous blind eyes.”

Belladonna’s recovery was nothing short of a miracle. She gained strength, started grooming herself, and put on some much-needed weight. 

As she felt better, her sweet personality shone through. She became more affectionate, exploring her surroundings and seeking out pets and snuggles.

Belladonna is now around 10 years old, and her recovery is simply amazing! Just a few days before, Suzy was holding her up as she couldn’t stand on her own, and look at her now!

Even though she lost some of her teeth, that doesn’t stop her from munching on her favorite treats. She loves attention and responds to voices like any other cat. 

She won’t hesitate to come to you for cuddles at any time, and she’s great at recognizing anyone’s voice.

Her rescuers are amazed at how she navigates her surroundings, how she explores and enjoys every moment of her life. 

She’s an amazing little feline, and many people still can’t tell she’s blind when they first meet her, that’s how good she is at navigating her space.

“It never ceases to amaze me how steadily she navigates her space. She never bumps into anything nor trips. It’s endlessly fascinating watching a smart, resourceful blind cat navigate her new indoor life.”

Belladonna’s story is a beautiful example of how a little kindness can make a huge difference. From being a frail street cat to enjoying a loving, warm home, Belladonna has come a long way. 

She now loves belly rubs and basking in the sun, and she’s grateful for every bit of attention.

“She looks and seems like a whole different cat. She has become so affectionate now that she’s feeling better. She loves belly tickles and rubs her own head when I’m doing it.”

While Belladonna is getting stronger and happier every day, Juan and the volunteers at Little Wanderers NYC continue to help other cats in need. 

Follow Belladonna’s progress and the work of Little Wanderers NYC on Instagram. Share her story with your friends to spread a little more love and kindness.

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