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Cat Mom Heroically Saves Her Newborn Kittens From A Flooded Drainpipe

Cat Mom Heroically Saves Her Newborn Kittens From A Flooded Drainpipe

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A mother’s instinct is something truly admirable. The lengths a mom would go to save her precious babies is by far the most fascinating thing you can witness.

In today’s heartbreaking story, I will tell you about a cat mom, whose mother instincts deserve special praise. 

One day, a man was running some errands in his backyard when he heard a cry for help. He instantly followed the sound and soon discovered something truly soul-crushing.

sewer and water
Source: YouTube

Beneath the street was a drainpipe and just outside of it was a cat frantically meowing at passersby. The man rushed to the cat wondering what was the reason for her desperate state. 

As he approached the drainpipe, he quickly realized the pipe was about to flood. The poor cat ran inside and soon after brought a tiny newborn kitten. 

cat holding newborn kitten
Source: YouTube

The man knew there were probably more kittens inside, but sadly the drainpipe was too small for him to crawl inside. Cat momma trusted the kind man and left the first kitten with him, as she rushed back inside the pipe to save the rest of her babies. 

The man selflessly undressed and placed the first kitten inside his sweater, patiently waiting for cat momma to bring another one. By bad fortune, the water levels began to rise and the rescue mission became a race against time.

two sweet newborn kittens
Source: YouTube

This brave momma kept running back and forth, bringing her cute fluffballs to safety. It took her seven trips to retrieve seven adorable newborn kittens.

Fortunately, the cat and her kittens were now safe thanks to this amazing man who unselfishly offered his helping hand. 

However, our sweet cat momma still needed a place to raise and nurse her babies. Luckily, their savior decided to provide temporary shelter for the little family. 

cat feeding newborns
Source: YouTube

He placed the kittens in a small cage in his backyard, filled with cozy blankets. He made sure the little ones stayed warm by placing a heater inside their cage.

The man’s dog was super concerned about the kittens and their mom, so he made it his mission to check up on them every once in a while. The cat got used to him and eventually, the two of them became good friends.

big cat and cute kitten
Source: YouTube

Mama cat would proudly show her kittens to the family dog, almost as if she wanted to assure him they were healthy! 

Their kind rescuer made sure they had everything they needed, as he said in his video:

“Rest assured mother cat and her kittens are safe.”

Mama cat became a real snuggle bug and she took every opportunity to cuddle with the man. 

On the other hand, the kittens started slowly opening their eyes and moving around, becoming healthy little fuzzballs.

two kittens
Source: YouTube

I’m so glad this story had a positive outcome after all. This adorable furry family will stay with their rescuer until he finds forever homes for them!

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