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Here’s What Cats Do At Night (VIDEO)

Here’s What Cats Do At Night (VIDEO)

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The creator of the CatPusic YouTube channel covers various topics concerning cats, including their nocturnal activities. Ever wondered what your cat does while you sleep? This video gives us a glimpse into their nighttime adventures.

Once everyone’s asleep, cats wake up! Each cat is unique, but in the following video, we can catch a glimpse of what our feline friends might be doing while we are in our REM stages. 

So, the owner of the cats in this video has set up a camera that captures their activity during the night. We see the cat wandering around the house, first finding something to eat, and then it’s like “What shall I do next?

Then it encounters a stuffed kitty the owner put up on the kitchen counter. The cat at some point looks like it sees that the camera is filming, and the captions in the video are hilarious! Check it out: 

It’s adorable how near the end of the video, the cat snuggles up next to his owners’ shoes. It flops down and affectionately rolls around next to the shoes. 

And if this wasn’t enough, cats even open doors around the house!

CatPusic makes another video showing cats opening doors at 3 a.m. It’s a riot!

There’s even a part 3 of this “franchise” where we see the same cat looking for water all over the house. It drinks from its bowl, then from the kitchen counter, and then even from a glass in the kids’ room! So, basically from any bowl or glass it finds. 

I had a blast watching these videos, I hope you did too. Stay tuned, since CatPusic might just make another video and let us in on some more secrets of our feline friends’ nightlife.

Did you ever do something similar, like set up video surveillance or a nanny camera for your cat? Share your experience in the comments. 

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