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This Cat Is Obsessed With Bread And Loves To Steal Food

This Cat Is Obsessed With Bread And Loves To Steal Food

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Check out this amazing feline, Chupie, who’s got an unstoppable love for bread! 

Chupie, the Lykoi cat, may seem like your typical furry friend, but when bread enters the scene, things get interesting. 

He’s got all the charm of a regular pet cat – cute, playful, and clever. But if there’s bread in sight, you better watch out! Chupie will stop at nothing to get his bread.

“He’s very strategic as a bread thief.”

Chupie will make his move when you least expect it. His love for bread is only rivaled by his determination to win. As his owner puts it:

“He looks so cute, it’s hard to be mad but we also need to keep it in check so that he’s safe.” 

From his kitten days, Chupie showcased his talent for opening doors and kitchen cabinets, and it didn’t take long for his obsession with food to surface. He’s willing to go to great lengths to satisfy his cravings!

It seems the forbidden food is what truly captivates him. As his owner notes:

“He will do anything to get to my food. He’s strong enough to rip a bag of bread open in about two seconds.”

Chupie is just following his natural instincts. He’s hunting… even though bread isn’t usually the prey felines want to hunt.

“He locks on to the ‘target’ and he pursues it, and he will not give up until he wins.”

Now, that’s what I call a determined cat!

But don’t worry, Chupie’s food-aggressive, not people-aggressive. He’s as gentle as can be with humans but shows a whole different side when it comes to bread!

“He won’t ever injure us. He’s very gentle, but he acts extremely aggressive towards the bread.”

In a fun experiment, Chupie’s owners pitted different bread and pastry types against each other to see his preferences. 

Bagel vs. croissant, croissant vs. tortilla, tortilla vs. baguette – the results were surprising!

First off, they had bagel vs. croissant.

Then, after Chupie chose a croissant, they moved on to the next round. Croissant vs. tortilla?

Surprisingly, Chupie chose a tortilla. Perhaps because it was something new? But wait, in the next round, between a tortilla and a baguette, the tortilla wins again!

Chupie’s well-being is a top priority for his owners. They use bread toys as distractions to help him experience their meals without actually indulging. 

“The bread toys serve as a distraction. We hope that he can experience what we’re experiencing without actually eating what we’re eating.”

And in a test, Chupie even chose the toy over real bread, though he couldn’t resist a little taste!

Chupie’s food aggression is a work in progress, but he’s lucky enough to have such great owners! 

Beyond his food quirks, Chupie is an amazing pet cat. He gets along with his canine siblings, enjoys leash walks, and is incredibly affectionate.

Chupie’s human mom admits he’s won her heart just like he wins his bread heists. If you want more of Chupie’s daily adventures, follow him on Instagram. And remember, as one of Chupie’s captions wisely says:

“Look into my eyes and repeat after me: I don’t give a meow!”

I hope you enjoyed this fun and delightful story!

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