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This Kitty Is So Obsessed With Cheese That He’s Not Afraid To Steal It

This Kitty Is So Obsessed With Cheese That He’s Not Afraid To Steal It

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Indeed, you read the title correctly – there’s a cat out there who has an undeniable obsession with cheese, and he’ll go to great lengths to snatch it from his foster family. 

Meet Ponderosa, the cheese-loving cat who’s quite the character.

Ponderosa’s story began as a kitten when he was abandoned at a motel surrounded by tempting restaurants. 

Thankfully, he was rescued at the age of 12 weeks and found himself in the care of a loving foster family along with other feline companions.

However, as he settled into his new life, Ponderosa made it his mission to provide his foster parents with daily entertainment, all centered around his cheese-stealing antics.

Now, cats in general may enjoy a nibble of cheese now and then, but moderation is key. 

However, Ponderosa knows no such restraint. His boundless love for cheese keeps his foster parents on their toes.

Whenever he sets his sights on a cheese prize, a comical chase ensues, with his feline buddies often joining the pursuit, as if they can stop him.

When Ponderosa finally secures his cheesy treasure, he doesn’t hesitate to growl menacingly, ensuring no one dares interrupt his feast. 

Understandably, many people have expressed concerns about Ponderosa’s eating habits, worrying that he might not be fed adequately or has underlying health issues.

However, the truth is quite the opposite. Ponderosa is a perfectly healthy and well-fed cat. 

His foster mom, Sarah, assured everyone that he has received thorough vet check-ups and is simply a picky eater.

She believes that his cheese obsession may stem from his early days when living near restaurants. 

That could also be the reason why he growls whenever he’s eating because he probably had to compete for food in order to survive. Sarah said:

“He eats all day long, he just wants everything. He’s got the metabolism of a teenage boy on the football team.”

But cheese isn’t the only target of Ponderosa’s thieving escapades. He has a knack for swiping his humans’ food, making it clear that nothing is safe when he’s around.

Sarah even suspects that he secretly enjoys the game of chase that follows his food heists, saying:

“I think he secretly really loves that. He wants to play that game of chase and ‘come and get it.’”

Due to his unusual obsession, Ponderosa required a family willing to embrace his unique personality and be prepared for endless rounds of household hide-and-seek. Sarah explained:

“We have loved fostering him, and I would keep him in a heartbeat, just because of how much he makes me run up-and-down the stairs after him.”

She also added:

“He has such a high passion for food and to be played with, and then just to be loved. He kind of proved that cats are quirky, and he’s the quirkiest one there is.” 

Pondy is such an interesting cat that he gained a lot of fans on the internet, who showed great support. One person commented:

“He’s highly food motivated, trusting, active & inquisitive. This cat would be perfect for training, as cats that are this intelligent will get into trouble if they get bored.”

Today, Ponderosa is living his best life in his forever home, indulging in his cheese heists and bringing boundless joy to his perfect family. After all, that’s what he does best!

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