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This Cat Has A Lot Of Cattitude For Someone Who Is Obsessed With An Almond

This Cat Has A Lot Of Cattitude For Someone Who Is Obsessed With An Almond

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Meet Ari, the unpredictable crab-walking cat with an unusual obsession: almonds. Her antics will have you in stitches. But before we dive into her almond affinity, let me tell you about her playful side. 

Ari is a feline of surprises. With her zoomies around the apartment, she often pulls off a peculiar stunt – she’ll strike a pose on her hind legs and then bolt out of the room. Her ninja kicks off the wall are a sight to behold.

“She’ll just get this wild look in her eye, just sitting on the ground. And I know she’s about to ninja kick off the wall. It’s really impressive, actually, how high she can get up.”

Her Best Friend Is An Almond

As Ari’s owner explains, her almond love is something else. She has a knack for scooping up these nuts with her paws as if they were tiny feline-sized hands. Other cat toys may lose her interest quickly, but not almonds. 

It’s as if they were tailor-made for her entertainment. Their smooth, small form allows them to slide across the floor with lightning speed, perfect for Ari’s game of feline fetch.

“She can scoop it up in her paws and hold it as if her paw was like a hand.”

Ari has a short attention span for most cat toys, so her owner gave her an almond to play with one day, and she just never got bored of it.

“It’s like the perfect size for playing fetch. Since it’s small and smooth, it slides on the floor really fast.”

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Ari’s owner really loves her as she always wanted to adopt and have a pet cat. However, Ari wasn’t always this outgoing. 

When her owner first laid eyes on her, she was a shy and nervous kitty. But over time, she blossomed into the playful, fluffy bundle of joy you see today.

“She was very shy, but the more comfortable she’s gotten with us, the fluffier she’s gotten. It’s almost like she was a little afraid to show us at first.”

Sometimes, showing our quirks and obsessions can be a bit intimidating, but Ari’s owners have embraced her and her almond love. After all, true acceptance is about cherishing someone for who they truly are.

So, here’s to Ari and her delightful almond adventures, a reminder that our feline friends always find unique ways to steal our hearts.

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