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This Feisty Kitty Plays So Gently With His Bunny Friend

This Feisty Kitty Plays So Gently With His Bunny Friend

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Most cats can be very feisty and rough towards others, especially during playtime. They love to pounce, jump, and even nibble while they play.

One such kitty is a cute tuxedo cat named Smudge. He simply loves to roughhouse, and he’s a little bundle of energy all the time. 

However, Smudge has a special best friend – a rabbit named Missy. They might be the oddest of couples, but their bond is truly heartwarming, especially because Missy is the only one with whom Smudge plays so gently.

Tara Riley, the odd couple’s owner, can’t get enough of their cuteness. She shares a heart-melting story about how Smudge treats Missy with the utmost care. She says:

“He sees her around the corner, and he’s like, ‘I’m going to pounce on her. That’s what cats do,’ and then he kisses her.”

Their playtime basically looks like Smudge’s instincts are fighting against his love for Missy. He knows he has to be gentle with her. Tara says:

“He’ll grab her with both of his paws, pulling her closer to him. He never bites her, but he’ll bite us.”

Fortunately, Missy enjoys hanging out with Smudge. She loves receiving attention and being groomed by Smudge, even though he’s moody sometimes.

The reason why Smudge behaves the way he does is probably because he was the first pet in the family. However, he didn’t always live a happy life. He was found as an orphaned kitten, all alone. 

Because of that, he often nurses the blanket and massages it nicely with his paws. He always had that instinct, just like any other cat, but obviously, he didn’t have a mother. 

His blanket was everything to him until he got a bunny best friend, Missy, who makes him feel safe and happy every day. Tara recalls:

“As soon as I got her home, I sat her on the ground, and she was running everywhere. She wasn’t scared of anything.”

Then, she added:

“Smudge was watching her, but he wasn’t sure what she was because, to cats, bunnies are the things they chase out in the wild, so we were a little nervous. She wasn’t afraid. She hopped up to him.”

The two of them instantly fell in love with each other and quickly became inseparable. They’re always together, even when they’re napping or just lying in bed.

The odd pair is funny most of the time. Missy likes to play hard to get, but Smudge won’t run up to her immediately, yet he’s always near her.   

Missy is the boss of the house, and she’s aware of that. However, later, this odd pair started to live separately. Missy lived with Tara at school, while Smudge lived with her parents. 

They missed each other so much, but as soon as they got back together, they made it all up. Tara says:

“They both definitely love each other.”

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