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Why Do Cats Like Feet? The 9 Causes Of Cats’ Feet Frenzy

Why Do Cats Like Feet? The 9 Causes Of Cats’ Feet Frenzy

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Do you ever get the feeling that your cat is always lurking around your feet? Well, you’re not alone! My kitty Nala is obsessed with feet, and I always found it odd… but cute.

Many cat owners have noticed their furry friends’ fascination with feet, and it can be quite puzzling – why do cats like feet?

In this article, we’ll discover why our felines love biting, licking, sniffing, attacking, and rubbing against our feet!

1. Our Feet Are A Source Of Entertainment

For many kitties, feet are simply fun to play with. The movement and wiggling of our feet can be irresistible to a cat’s predatory instincts, and they may enjoy pouncing and chasing after them.

Considering cat owners don’t have the time to spend hours playing with their felines, it’s only fair they find their own source of entertainment, such as climbing furniture, chasing each other, sitting on their owners, and perhaps even attacking their feet!

Perhaps the only remotely interesting things in the room are your wiggly toes, and cats are naturally drawn to anything moving.

Take a look at this adorable kitty playing with its owner’s sock!

2. They Want To Show Us Some Love 

white British cat, resting at home on the bed, between barefoot childrens feet

Some cats are known for their affectionate behavior towards their owners, but sometimes this affection can be shown in unexpected ways, such as licking, nibbling and attacking your feet. While this behavior may seem odd, it is actually a sign of love from your feline friend!

Cats are naturally curious and love to explore their surroundings, including their owners and their feet. Therefore, when a cat attacks your feet, it is often because they are trying to say “I love you”. This is their way of seeking interaction and affection from you.

3. They Love The Warmth Of Our Feet

Although cats are able to withstand cold weather, they do have a natural love for warmth (who can blame them?!), and our feet can provide them with just that. This is why they can often be found lying near, or on top of, our feet. 

The warmth of our feet is especially appealing to cats during cold weather, as it provides them with a cozy and comfortable place to nap.

Please, take a look at this adorable, sleepy kitty cuddling up against its owner’s feet (I bet they’re warm!).–Dr6kmpymtNiOTc

This cat seems to know the secret to ultimate comfort! Snuggling with those warm feet is the best nap spot.

4. They’re Claiming Their Territory

A beige cat stands next to woman’s legs in sports shoes.

Cats are known for their love of marking their territory, and this includes marking their owners too! But, instead of leaving their scent with scratch marks, cats use pheromones to claim their space. 

These pheromones are secreted through their paws and cheeks, so when they rub against us, they are essentially leaving their mark.

So, next time your cat is rubbing against your feet, consider yourself claimed! They are telling the world that you belong to them and that they love you. After all, who wouldn’t want to be imprinted by their feline friend!

5. They’re Curious

Cats are known for their curious nature and they love to explore their surroundings. They always seem to be searching for something new in their environment. 

That includes exploring their owners, or more precisely – their feet! That’s why you may often find them lounging near or on top of your feet. They are simply curious about what you’re up to and want to be a part of the action.

From fuzzy socks, tapping toes, or shuffling slippers, there’s always something to explore and investigate. And, who could blame them? 

6. They Simply Like The Smell Of Feet

Cat looking at camera resting on the legs of a woman laying in bed

Cats love to be around their owners, and it turns out that one of the main reasons is because they love the smell of their owner’s feet! Cats have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell, and their noses are drawn to the unique scent of their owner’s feet. 

So, when you see your cat rubbing up against your feet or sleeping nearby, it’s likely because they want to be close to the smell. Who knew cats were such fans of the smell of feet?! 

And yes, some kitties even like the smell of smelly feet! My cats certainly don’t…

7. They Are Comforted By Their Owner’s Smell

Cats have an amazing sense of smell and are often comforted by the familiar scents of their owners. As you might guess, your feet have their own “distinct smell”, which your kitty can recognize. 

So, if a cat wants to be comforted for some reason, it may be drawn to the smell of your feet!

But what if your feet don’t smell like… you?

Cats are particularly sensitive to the scent of other cats and they will always know if your feet have been in a house where there’s another cat. They will even smell your shoes to get a better idea of where you’ve been! 

So, next time your cat is rubbing against your feet, don’t be surprised if they take a long sniff. They’re simply taking in your familiar scent and feeling comforted by it, or are trying to see if you’ve been somewhere where there’s another cat!

8. They Love The… Taste Of Feet

kid lying in bed under the white blanket with cat lying on feet

It is possible for a cat to like the taste of their owner’s feet too (I know, it’s a bit strange, but stick with me!), which can result in them licking their owner’s feet. The saltiness of human skin and sweat, combined with the unique scent of our feet, may be appealing to a cat’s senses.

Take a look at this cute foster cat that seems to be loving the taste of feet!

As for the saltiness of feet; human skin and sweat contain salt, which can make our feet taste salty to a cat. The saltiness of feet can vary based on various factors such as diet, hydration, and activity levels.

However, it is important to note that licking can also be a sign of affection or stress in cats. It is always a good idea to monitor your cat’s behavior and seek veterinary advice if their licking becomes excessive.

9. They Want Our Attention

Some cats are always around their owner’s feet because they are cute, sneaky attention seekers! They want to be played with and given some quality one-on-one time with their owners. One of my cats is just like this; he’s always in the mood for a playdate with me!

If your cat is constantly at your feet, it might be that your kitty is simply bored and in need of some entertainment! Maybe your cat is just trying to get your attention by licking, biting, and scratching at your feet. 

Therefore, next time your cat is at your feet, why not give your furry friend some much-needed attention!

A Short Series Of “Why Do Cats…”

white sleepy cat lying near a men's leg

In this section, I would like to quickly answer a couple of questions that might have popped into your mind while reading this article!

So, why do cats…

…Always Rub Against My Feet?

Cats are territorial creatures and rubbing against you is their way of marking you as their own. Plus, they love the scent of you, and your feet are a great place to get close and rub to show their affection.

…Sleep At My Feet?

Cats feel safe and secure when they’re near you! Your feet provide a cozy, warm spot for them to snooze on. Plus, they love being close to their favorite person and the familiar scent of your feet, as it calms them down.

…Lick My Feet?

Cats are naturally curious creatures and love to explore their surroundings. Licking your feet is a way for them to get to know you better and take in your scent. Plus, some cats love the taste of salty skin and sweat.

…Like Sniffing Shoes?

A cat’s nose may find shoes fascinating since they carry a distinctive scent from the user and from the many settings they have been in. Additionally, cats may find it intriguing to smell and investigate the odors in shoes that may have been exposed to grass, mud, or other unusual scents from the outside world.

…Like Stinky Feet?

To a cat’s sensitive nose, stinky feet may be a delightful and unique scent. They love to explore and discover new scents, and stinky feet are just another fun aroma for them to investigate. And we will not judge them!

…Make A Weird Face After Smelling Feet?

Cats have a strong sense of smell, and sometimes, they can be overwhelmed by strong scents, such as stinky feet. The weird face they make is simply their way of expressing surprise or confusion at the scent.

Please, take a look at the most adorable video ever! 

This kitty is an amazing actor/ actress, don’t you think?

Wrapping Up

Our feline friends have a strong sense of smell and love to explore new scents, which is why they are often drawn to our feet. 

The saltiness of human skin and sweat, combined with the unique scent of our feet, can be appealing to a cat’s senses. Although this might sound a bit strange, it’s true!

Additionally, licking and rubbing against feet can be a way for cats to mark their owners as their territory, and also to show affection and love.

Whether they’re rubbing, licking, or sleeping at our feet, our feline friends are sure to bring a smile to our faces! That’s unless they’re attacking our socks and toes…

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