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Clever Cat Saves Himself By Running Into Woman’s Apartment During A Building Fire

Clever Cat Saves Himself By Running Into Woman’s Apartment During A Building Fire

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Rosen, a handsome gray tabby cat, found himself alone and wandering around an apartment building. For days, maybe even weeks, he roamed around, crying out for his family, but no one came for him. 

His story took a miraculous turn when a fire broke out in the building. Somehow, Rosen survived, but his ordeal didn’t end there.

gray cat stuck on a height
Source: Facebook

Annie, volunteer for Little Wanderers NYC, shared in an interview:

“Then, there was a fire in the building, and miraculously, he survived. Despite all he endured, he had no family to go home to.”

With no one to care for him, Rosen decided to take control of his fate. This brave cat wasn’t going to wait around any longer. He found his way to a fire escape and ventured into a kind neighbor’s apartment. As Annie shared:

“This smart boy rescued himself. He walked through the fire escape into a neighbor’s apartment, and they kindly contacted Little Wanderers NYC.”

cat spying trough window
Source: Facebook

Once he got inside, Rosen’s first move was to flop down on the floor and start making biscuits with his paws. His charm worked instantly. Captivating the neighbor with his friendly, cuddly demeanor!

Rosen was taken to the vet where he received the care he desperately needed. It was there that Annie first laid eyes on him and immediately felt a connection:

“When I saw him in a cage at the vet, I knew I had to bring this little guy home. As soon as I met Rosen, I knew he was special. The moment I opened his carrier, he leaped into my lap, purring and asking for pets with a big smile. I’ve had my fair share of foster cats but never met one like Rosen.”

domestic cat laying on a bed
Source: Facebook

Unlike many rescued cats who take time to adjust, Rosen seemed to know immediately that he was finally safe. He settled in right away, purring happily and following Annie around the house. 

Rosen’s favorite spot quickly became Annie’s lap, where he would curl up and drift into a peaceful sleep. She said:

“He felt safe immediately and was ready to be loved. He’s a true lap cat who will follow you around the house and wait for the moment you sit down so he can curl up in your lap.”

domestic cat with tongue out
Source: Facebook

Rosen’s past may be a mystery, but his future is now filled with hope. At just one and a half years old, he still has plenty of kitten-like energy and loves to be cradled and cuddled. 

Despite everything he went through, Rosen never lost his loving spirit. Annie shared:

“I couldn’t believe such a loving cat had been abandoned on the streets. When we brought Rosen home, he reeked of smoke.”

man petting domestic cat
Source: Facebook

Today, Rosen spends his days chasing after Annie, brushing against her legs, and snuggling in her lap. 

He’s a healthy and happy cat who enjoys playtime and cuddles all day long. 

As much as Annie loves him, she’s his foster mommy, and Rosen is looking for his forever family – a place where he will be cherished and loved as much as he deserves. 

very cute domestic cat
Source: Facebook

I hope he’ll find just that – a loving family and a forever home. I hope you liked his story and how amazing it is that Rosen gathered the courage to save himself. 

He walked right into that building, taking a chance, and luckily the neighbor whose apartment he entered was kind and helped him.

Feel free to share Rosen’s inspiring story and follow more updates on Little Wanderers NYC on Facebook.

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