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Desperate Mama Cat Hands Over Her Kittens To A Rescuer Hoping He Can Save Them

Desperate Mama Cat Hands Over Her Kittens To A Rescuer Hoping He Can Save Them

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Trying to survive on the streets can be quite challenging for our feline friends. They have to fend for themselves, constantly searching for food.

However, when stray cats end up having kittens, the struggle to keep them healthy in such a harsh environment can be quite exhausting.

In today’s story, a local rescue organization was making their usual rounds around the neighborhood, feeding stray cats. 

In the meantime, a beautiful white cat was observing them and soon realized that they could help her…

mama cat carrying a kitten
Credit: YouTube

Shortly after, the cat came running to the man carrying a newborn kitten in her mouth. The man immediately rushed to take the kitten from her only to realize the poor soul was barely alive. 

cat looking at male hand holding a kitten
Credit: YouTube

Mama cat was desperately meowing while the man tried to revive the tiny kitten. Luckily, the poor baby soon started moving his tiny paws! 

The cat soon realized that the kind rescuers were her only hope. She soon brought the rest of her litter and handed them over to the rescuers. 

male hand holding a kitten
Credit: YouTube

However, the rescue agents noticed the cat probably used to be an indoor cat at one point. They asked around the neighborhood and soon learned her sad story.

Her previous owner abandoned her on the streets once he couldn’t care for her and the kittens. The poor mama cat was not used to street life and soon found herself in a desperate situation.

two kittens held in hands
Credit: YouTube

The rescuers took the mama and her babies to the vet, determined to save the little souls. The vet placed the kittens on a heating pad since the poor babies were exposed to cold temperatures.

Luckily, the little ones had no major health issues. The furry family was then brought to the shelter, finally able to rest on a warm and cozy bed. 

tiny white kitten
Credit: YouTube

Mama cat needed some help nursing the kittens and the volunteers were more than happy to help. They fed the babies through a syringe while the mom took a well-deserved nap.

Over the next few days the adorable furry family enjoyed the love and care from the shelter workers and the kittens soon became healthy little fuzzballs. They even made some adorable friends!

kittens playing on grass
Credit: YouTube

This gorgeous mama cat made the absolute best decision when she approached the kind rescue agents. Now she can care for her kittens in a safe environment, not having to worry about their next meal!

cat nursing the kittens
Credit: YouTube

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