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Cat Wakes Up His Owners Screaming Each Dawn And The Vet Reveals A Shocking Discovery

Cat Wakes Up His Owners Screaming Each Dawn And The Vet Reveals A Shocking Discovery

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I have six pet cats, but let me tell you, none of them are as loud as the cat in this story. 

Meet Donut, a feline sensation in his own right. He’s got a unique talent for startling his owners, pouncing on them, and unleashing ear-piercing screams at all hours of the day and night. As they shared in the video below:

“When Donut screams, it really feels like you’re in a horror movie.”

So, what’s the deal with Donut’s vocal theatrics?

Decoding Donut’s Screams

white cat sitting indoors
Credit: The Dodo

Donut’s vocal prowess is truly something to behold, especially in the early hours of the morning. When his owners started waking up at the crack of dawn due to his screams, they decided it was high time for a vet visit to rule out any underlying health issues.

“We decided to take him to the vet, and it turns out he’s deaf.”

As it turns out, Donut’s owners weren’t aware of his deafness until he was around 10 months old. He was born deaf, but they only discovered it as he became more independent.

Now, it all makes sense. Donut’s loud demeanor is simply because he can’t hear himself.

Despite his unique condition, Donut enjoys a lively companionship with his owners. They engage in daily play and chase around the house. 

The revelation of his deafness hasn’t altered their bond but has deepened their understanding of him and how to provide the best care.

“It’s not really changed much our relationship with him. Now we know how to cater to a deaf cat.”

When they wake him up or call him, they’re gentle and mindful. For instance, at mealtime, they softly tap near him to get his attention.

“You have to be a little bit careful because it’s so easy to scare him.”

His owner even jokes how she feels that they’re actually stalking Donut, because he cannot hear them and doesn’t know they’re behind. 

Donut, in turn, reciprocates the surprises with playful ambushes. He leaps out of nowhere, playfully swats at their feet, or zooms around the house when they least expect it. Learning about Donut’s deafness has only strengthened their connection.

“It kind of made us understand his personality more and his love language more.”

Donut’s Deafness Didn’t Change A Thing

Donut’s owners initially wondered how life would change once they discovered his deafness. As it turns out, it didn’t. After all, Donut had always been deaf; they just didn’t realize it.

What did change was their attentiveness and affection toward him. They became more observant and caring, channeling his energy through activities like walks, which Donut adores. 

“Even after the vet told us he was deaf, he still has so much energy. We thought it’d probably be good to get some of that energy out. So, we took him on walks.”

photo of cat outside
Credit: The Dodo

He behaves almost like a dog, reveling in the leash and even attempting to climb trees. Indoors, they engage in various games and spend quality time entertaining their feline friend.

“Inside the house, we try and do little games or we’ve gotten fake little fishies, and he’ll play with those in the bathtub.”

Liam, one of Donut’s owners, loves cooking for him, and the other created a cozy “Harry Potter nest” under the stairs. Yet, even with all this engagement, Donut still has plenty of energy to spare.

“It’s hard to think about what it was like before we had Donut.”

Now, they’ve established a routine of morning cuddles with Donut, a delightful start to each day. It just makes every day a whole lot better. 

Luckily, Donut’s vocal outbursts weren’t a sign of any underlying health issues. This spirited kitty is simply deaf, a fact that his owners now embrace with open hearts and open ears. 

I hope you enjoyed Donut’s unique tale, and if you’d like to follow his daily adventures, check out his Instagram profile.

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