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Poor Cat Left Paralyzed After Someone Heartless Shot Her In The Spine

Poor Cat Left Paralyzed After Someone Heartless Shot Her In The Spine

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Fede was once a carefree stray cat, going about her business, until someone heartlessly shot her, leaving her with hind leg paralysis. 

It’s a heartbreaking tale, and it’s truly baffling how anyone could harm such an innocent creature.

Fede used to be among the many strays looked after by the kind folks in her neighborhood. But it’s been months since she last saw the friendly lady who used to feed her. 

Until that same lady discovered Fede in a neighbor’s backyard, unable to move and badly injured. Without hesitation, this compassionate soul rushed Fede to the vet, where a shocking discovery was made – a bullet lodged in her spine.

The bullet not only rendered Fede paralyzed but also left her with urinary incontinence. Fortunately, this kind-hearted woman took her in, becoming Fede’s forever human, and Fede, her beloved pet. 

Though she can no longer walk, Fede’s determination shines as she maneuvers around the house, using her front legs to pull the rest of her body along. As they humorously put it in the video, narrated from Fede’s perspective: 

“I may be paralyzed but I can still run and play!”

The video captures Fede’s joyful spirit as she embraces her new life and frolics around her forever home. 

However, due to her injuries, Fede can no longer use a litter box like other cats. Instead, her basic needs have become a challenge. Yet, her loving human displays immense patience, helping Fede empty her bladder as many times a day as needed. 

Fede has also adapted to wearing diapers, making sure there are no “accidents” around the house.

Despite the hardships, Fede lives a happy life, filled with love and care from her devoted human. 

She hopes her story serves as a lesson, urging others to treat all cats with kindness and provide them with loving homes. Even if unfortunate events occur, special needs cats like Fede deserve a chance at life. Let’s ensure every cat finds a safe and loving home.

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