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Cat Shows Up At The Shelter All On His Own Looking For Food And Some Cuddle Time

Cat Shows Up At The Shelter All On His Own Looking For Food And Some Cuddle Time

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While many rescue organizations venture out to aid countless cats and kittens throughout the years, one fortunate feline decided to take matters into his own paws and seek help at a shelter.

It all happened one morning when Liz Haack, the shelter manager at Detroit Community Cat Rescue (DCCR), heard a cat crying loudly in the backyard.

She looked out of the window only to see an orange and white cat who had somehow found his way to the shelter, all by himself. Liz recalled:

“Apparently, he knew right where to come. I ran outside to the driveway with a can of food.”

Upon hearing the can opening, the ginger boy sprinted toward Liz. He was starving and eating like crazy, but he was also incredibly friendly and cuddly. Liz knew he needed their help, so she said:

“I quickly got permission from the director to try to bring him in. He let me pick him up with no issues and seemed so happy to be taken inside.”

The rescue team named the lovely feline Sigmund (Siggy), and the vets estimated his age to be 3–5 years old.

Siggy surprised everyone with his outgoing personality. From the moment he arrived at the shelter, he had a lot to say, and he wasn’t afraid to ask for attention as though he knew he was in a safe place. Liz said:

“He was very outgoing. Even when I brought him inside, he was never shy or nervous. He was very vocal and demanded pets whenever someone was around at the shelter. He is one of the sweetest cats ever.”

Sadly, Siggy tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), however, that didn’t stop him from transforming into a cuddly and content feline. Liz added:

“This guy is a total beefcake meets playful sweetheart. He loves getting brushed, and gets lots of attention. He does not love other male cats, and when you stop petting him on his giant head.”

During his stay at the Detroit shelter, Siggy patiently awaited the day when a special someone would come forward to adopt him. 

His dream didn’t become reality immediately, but several months later, a young man fell head over heels for Siggy upon hearing his touching story.

Determined to provide Siggy with a joyful life, he submitted his adoption application and, at long last, went home with his newfound feline friend.

Siggy couldn’t be happier with his new human in his loving forever home. Liz added with delight:

“Siggy waited a long time for the right person to walk into our shelter, to realize that FIV+ cats are deserving of love as well. We are so glad his time has come.”

Now, he runs around his own home and snuggles into his human’s lap for affection and endless cuddle sessions. 

Had he not found his way to the shelter, who knows what fate might have befallen this sweet boy? Fortunately, fortune smiled upon him, and now, Siggy is living his very own happily ever after.

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