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Four Kittens Heartlessly Thrown In A River To Await Their Final Moments

Four Kittens Heartlessly Thrown In A River To Await Their Final Moments

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When humans are in no position to take care of their pets anymore, I can understand when they rehome or surrender them to a shelter.

However, what makes me furious are people who throw out their cats or kittens like they are trash.

abandoned kittens
Source: YouTube

When I stumbled upon today’s story my heart broke into a thousand pieces! Luckily kindhearted people still exist, so let me share the story with you.

One day a man was on his way to work when he heard unusual sounds coming from a river close by. Confused, he came closer to take a look but all he could see was a red plastic bag in the water.

kittens in plastic bag
Source: YouTube

Worried it might be an abandoned animal, he rushed towards the plastic bag. Sadly, his fears were true. Inside the plastic bag four newborn kittens were soaked, barely moving.

Devastated by the sight, the man knew he had to act quickly. He took three kittens outside and jumped again to take the fourth one who somehow found his way outside of the bag. 

guy saving a kitten
Source: YouTube

In addition to being soaked and stiff-frozen, the poor souls were barely breathing. It seemed like the poor babies were only a week old, separated from their mom. 

Since he never cared for kittens, especially for newborns he needed help. He called their local animal shelter and the kind volunteers instructed him on what to do. 

guy feeding abandoned kittens
Source: YouTube

Hoping the poor kittens survive the night, he brought them home. The first thing he did was to dry the kittens and place them in a warm spot. He managed to feed them through a syringe and luckily the kittens had a strong appetite.

kitten drinking a milk
Source: YouTube

Fortunately, over the next few days, the adorable litter seemed to be alright. They were eating, sleeping, and slowly opening their eyes. Their foster dad was happy to see them thriving and he knew soon enough they would be ready for a forever home.

adorable ginger kitten
Source: YouTube

After almost a month in their foster home, the kittens became an active bunch showing their mischievous side and playing with each other. Their foster dad even took them out in the backyard for some playtime under the sun!

sweet kittens
Source: YouTube

Until he finds them a forever home, the kittens will stay under his loving care and protection. I’m more than grateful for this kind man who selflessly offered his helping hand to these kittens in need!

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