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This Heartbroken Dog Found Solace In A Litter Of Abandoned Kittens

This Heartbroken Dog Found Solace In A Litter Of Abandoned Kittens

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Recently, Sharon Johnson from Utah took it upon herself to share the amazing and heartwarming story of a dog named Lola.

Lola was her neighbor’s dog and the poor soul recently suffered a traumatic loss. Sweet Lola was pregnant, but sadly her two puppies were stillborn.

Heartbroken, this sweet dog refused to eat or pretty much do anything, as Sharon shared in her post:

“She was whining and crying all day. She wasn’t eating, she wasn’t sleeping, she wouldn’t go for walks.”

It seemed like poor Lola fell into a deep depression and all the things that used to make her happy, were now meaningless. 

cute white dog
Source: TikTok

Lola’s parents decided to take her on a family barbeque in their grandma’s house, hoping the sweet girl would finally feel better.

However, while they were enjoying their time together, the family noticed strange sounds coming from the retaining wall in the backyard.

They came closer only to realize the strange sounds were tiny little meows. It seemed that a litter of kittens was stuck in the retaining wall and they were crying for help.

white dog and white kitten
Source: TikTok

Unable to reach the kittens, the family tried to figure out what to do. On the other hand, sweet Lola took things into her own paws. 

Since she was a tiny West Highland Terrier, she could easily reach behind the retaining wall. One by one, she took the kittens out. Her family was amazed that tiny Lola became the savior of the day!

dog and kitten sleeping
Source: TikTok

Lola’s mom was worried that the kittens were all alone, with mama cat nowhere to be found. They decided to search for mama cat, as Sharon shared:

“Lola’s family spent hours watching out for the mother and people are still on the lookout for her. No sign. They’ve set up cages just in case she’s still there.”

Lola’s parents took the kittens home, hoping their mom would eventually show up. They’ve set up a cozy spot for the kittens, inside Lola’s old cage. 

white kitten and white dog
Source: TikTok

However, the next morning the family woke up to a surprise. They found Lola inside the cage with the kittens, carefully nursing and comforting them.

Her parents were shocked! The kittens were making biscuits all over Lola, purring, and nursing like she was their real mom. 

white kitten and white dog friends
Source: TikTok

This sweet moment amazingly cured little Lola’s heart. For the first time in two weeks, she was eager to go on a morning walk and have a treat! The tiny kittens mended her broken heart and Lola got her chance to be a mom!

End of the day the adorable kittens had a safe home and they even gained a loving mom, although she was a bit different from them.

Isn’t this amazing!!!???? 🥹😭❤️

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