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Cat Risking Her Life While Stealing Owner’s Oatmeal Is The Silliest Thing You’ll See Today

Cat Risking Her Life While Stealing Owner’s Oatmeal Is The Silliest Thing You’ll See Today

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Get ready for a hilarious story about a fearless cat, a cat who must have been a spy in her past life!

This adorable kitty tried snatching some tasty banana oatmeal without her owner catching on! Now, if sneaking around was a game show, this cat would definitely win the main prize!

In this Reddit video, you can see our gray and white hero showing off her sneaky moves, risking it all by getting closer and closer to the forbidden yummy treat.

It’s like she’s on a top-secret mission, with suspenseful music playing in the background. Can’t you just hear the Pink Panther theme as you watch the action unfold? 

But what’s driving this cat’s obsession with banana oatmeal? My guess is that it looks intriguing and forbidden, something she isn’t allowed to lay her paws on. Like most cats, curiosity gets the best of her!

guy with headphones and cat
Source: Reddit

Surprisingly, cats aren’t only meat lovers, many are curious about new tastes.

In the wild, cats might eat plants or even certain fruits, when there’s not much meat at their disposal. That is why some pet cats are curious and can’t resist our food, especially something as delicious as oatmeal.

But here’s the thing – not all human foods are safe for cats. Oatmeal is fine for your cat, but bananas, not so much. They’re safe, but only in small amounts. 

cat reaching oatmeal
Source: Reddit

This Reddit video isn’t just for amusement, it’s also a reminder to be cautious about what our pets can get to. Try to keep tempting snacks out of their reach. 

Even if you think you’ve secured your oatmeal stash, never underestimate your cat’s sneakiness

Store foods and condiments that are harmful to your feline friends in pet-safe containers. And remember, if your cat does snag a bite of something, it might not be outright dangerous, but it could be unhealthy.

cat eating oatmeal
Source: Reddit

Thankfully, in this case, it just resulted in a hilarious Reddit video that’ll have you laughing out loud! Many people chimed in with their thoughts in the comments. One user blames it all on the dog. 😂

Dragon_Bidness: “Wasn’t him. He wasn’t even there. That’s clearly a deep fake. The shepherd set him up.”

Another user explains how their cat would simply want more of this “dine and fly” arrangement. 

RamsesThePigeon: “See, my cat would go after the oatmeal, get launched, and then think ‘Oh, man, I get a snack and a ride?! I’m going back for more!’”

While many others commented that the dog was 100% in on it too!

Iron_Seguin: “The shepherd contributed to having their attention away from the bowl, it was clearly a 2 man job.”

Was the dog an accomplice in this food heist? Check out his expression – it sure seems like he was! 

confused dog standing
Source: Reddit

I don’t know about you, but I think the dog definitely had his paws in the mission as well. And check out the owners’ faces! Priceless!

man, woman and dog looking at cat
Source: Reddit

I hope you had a good laugh like I did. Do you think the dog was in cahoots with the cat, or just an innocent bystander? 

Feel free to share this article with your friends and keep the laughter going! 

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