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This Giant Maine Coon Looks Like A Black Panther But Acts Like A Dog

This Giant Maine Coon Looks Like A Black Panther But Acts Like A Dog

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A while ago, we shared with you a story about Lotus, a giant Maine Coon that became famous for her size. Now, we present to you another beautiful Maine Coon kitty that’s not only big but looks like a fluffy black panther!

Meet Vincent, a large, furry, black Maine Coon that has captured hearts worldwide. Not only is he gorgeous, but his vibrant eyes and silky, black fur make him look like a panther. 

This majestic cat has over 1M followers combined on Instagram and TikTok. According to his owners, it’s not just his looks that draw people in, his personality plays a big role too!

Vincent might resemble a panther, but he’s got the spirit of a dog!

Vincent lives with his human parents, Andrey and Anastasia, and has admirers across the globe.

This lovely couple adopted Vincent because they felt like something was missing in their lives. 

They felt it wasn’t the right time for a child, so a cat seemed like the perfect addition.

Andrey shares that they knew having a cat wasn’t straightforward, especially since they rent an apartment. Many landlords have strict pet policies. Nonetheless, they went ahead and welcomed Vincent into their lives.

@vincent_blackpanther #cat #mainecooncats #mainecoon #rek #reka ♬ оригинальный звук – Vincent

Upon meeting Vincent, they were smitten, and there was no way they were leaving without him.

“His muzzle in the photo in the ad seemed to be calling us.”

“The day we were bringing Vincent to his new home, I noticed a lot of people were peeking at him. The long torso and large head certainly made it look unique compared to other cat breeds, but what everyone noticed, first of all, was the look.”

Vincent’s name didn’t come immediately; they wanted it to come naturally. The name Vincent stuck as they cuddled their new furry companion while watching the TV series “Brassic,” where the main character bears the same name.

Vincent is a heavy boy, and picking him up isn’t a simple task. 

Vincent’s pawrents noticed the attention he was getting, so they set up TikTok and Instagram profiles, and the cat went viral!

Vincent now boasts a combined following of over 1 million on these platforms.

@vincent_blackpanther #мейнкун #рекомендации❤️ #mainecoon #уии ♬ оригинальный звук – Vincent

“Like any child, he is very curious. Therefore, wherever we are, in the bedroom, in the shower, or in the closet, he keeps a close eye on us.”

Vincent loves playtime, with a foil ball being his favorite toy. When boredom strikes, he brings the ball to his pawrents, encouraging a game of fetch. That’s just one of his dog-like behaviors.

He also has a quirky response when one of his owners sneezes – he offers his own meow in reply.

Their guests are always amazed by Vincent’s size, and it’s no less surprising that Andrey and Anastasia allow him to sit at the dinner table.

Taking care of Vincent is a handful, but the joy he brings makes it all worthwhile! His playfulness and charm are simply incredible.

We hope you enjoyed Vincent’s story; feel free to share it with your friends!

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