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This Cat Decided To Steal His Mom’s Boyfriend Making Her A Third Wheel

This Cat Decided To Steal His Mom’s Boyfriend Making Her A Third Wheel

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When your partner bonds with your feline companion, it’s the most heartwarming thing you can witness as a cat mom.

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Credit: YouTube

However, what happens when your cat steals your boyfriend and you’re left as a third wheel in the relationship? Well, Kat Newquist from Northern Colorado sure knows the feeling. 

a man kissing his cat
Credit: YouTube

Kat rescued a pregnant stray cat a few years ago and she decided to adopt one kitten from the litter. Naming him Dave, he quickly showed her he was all about the drama. 

When Dave was just a few weeks old he rolled over the bed and almost fell on the hard floor. Luckily, Kat’s boyfriend Jackson was there to save the day.

He quickly jumped and caught the kitten before he fell down and from that day on, Dave the ginger fluffball, fell in love with his dad Jackson. As Kat shared in her video:

“They are kindred spirits somehow, and it is so unbelievably sweet.”

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Credit: YouTube

Whenever Jackson was not around, Dave would just sit in front of the door and meow until his dad finally came back. He wants to be close to his dad at any given moment, no matter what.

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Credit: YouTube

One day, Jackson was working from home and he decided to sit outside on their patio. Dave, however, was not happy with it. The thought of his dad being so close to him yet out of reach made him meow as loud as he could! As Kat mentioned:

“Basically, Dave wants to be where Jackson is pretty much all the time.”

Kat even went so far as to dress as her boyfriend and wear his cologne, all to receive the same amount of attention and snuggles Jackson always gets. 

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Credit: YouTube

At first, Dave thought it was his favorite human that came for some cuddles. However, he quickly realized it was his mom Kat in disguise and Dave immediately showed his disappointment. 

End of the day, Kat is more than happy that her feline friend adores her boyfriend, as she said:

“I did not expect to have a cat usurp my relationship, but, honestly, at the end of the day, it’s so sweet, and I’d so much rather have a partner who is so loved by an animal.”

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Credit: YouTube

Although Kat is mostly third-wheeling through the relationship, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Make sure to follow her and her adorable furry family over on Instagram!

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