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Kitty Goes For A Walk And Meets Her New Boyfriend

Kitty Goes For A Walk And Meets Her New Boyfriend

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Make yourself comfortable and get ready to hear a “ro-meow-antic” story about the unlikely love between two furry souls.

A Siamese cat named Jamey is at the heart of this tale, as shared by her human mom. It all began on one of their daily walks when another cat approached them. Jamey’s mom said:

“I take my cat, Jamey, outside for a walk, and this other cat comes up to us. They do a little sniff check, and they were actually really nice.”

While Jamey’s mom expected the cats to exchange pleasantries and go their separate ways, Leo, the tabby boy, had other plans.

two cats outside
Source: YouTube

He decided to follow Jamey and her mom all the way back to their apartment. Jamey’s mom was puzzled since Leo didn’t look like a stray. She explained:

“He had a collar and an owner. So, I let Jamey hang out by the sliding glass door. But, she was NOT happy.”

Although Leo had been amiable during their initial encounter, Jamey suddenly adopted a “play hard to get” attitude.

cat sitting on plank floor
Source: YouTube

However, Leo was determined to win Jamey’s heart. So, the very next day, he showed up in front of their house. Again! Jamey’s mom recalled:

“I went to run errands and as soon as I was leaving, I saw him run over. I’m like, ‘This dude is sneaking over when I’m not home!’”

Whatever Leo said or did that day seemed to work because things between them began improving, and Jamey slowly warmed up to him.

two cats kissing
Source: YouTube

Whenever Jamey and her mom went for a walk, Leo would magically appear and join them.

“It is stupid romantic how they give each other these little nose kisseys.” 

Most of the time, Leo and Jamey get along famously, and their bond is unbreakable. They meet daily, but it seems Leo always wants more, often attempting to enter their house.

Jamey’s mom, unsure if Leo had an owner despite his collar, decided to write a letter, attach it to his collar, and see if it reached his owner. Unfortunately, the note fell off in the parking lot. 

cat walking
Source: YouTube

But, Jamey’s mom still managed to find his real owners. She saw a person getting out of the car, and Leo ran up to him with excitement, clearly recognizing his human.

Jamey’s mom struck up a conversation with Leo’s owner, who found their story amusing and adorable. He approved of Leo’s visits to their house.

The unique bond between Jamey and Leo was so captivating that Jamey’s mom had a brilliant idea.

“I feel like they need their own reality show at this point. I thought it was so funny that he was a little shy. They seemed so excited to see each other.”

two cats close to each other
Source: YouTube

When Jamey’s mom saw Leo for the first time, she had no idea of the heartwarming story that would unfold. She recalled:

“I didn’t expect how closely they’ve connected so far. But, it’s nice that my cat has a friend. I’m melting because they’re just so cute.”

Well, this romantic story is super-adorable and if it doesn’t melt your heart, then I’m not sure what will!

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