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Cat Ends Up Stuck On A Tree For Four Days After Being Chased By Some Loose Dogs

Cat Ends Up Stuck On A Tree For Four Days After Being Chased By Some Loose Dogs

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Cats often find themselves stuck on trees for various reasons. While some manage to get down on their own, others require professional help, just like this sweet Torbie cat did.

Recently, Randall Kolb, a cat rescuer from Louisiana known as the Cat Rescue Guy, received a call about a Torbie cat named Cutie. She was stuck on a tree near her home in Mississippi after being chased by some loose dogs.

Fortunately, the guy embarked on a rescue mission without hesitation. 

Cutie was chased by some loose dogs in a wooded area near her home. After running for her life, she climbed up on a tree, where she ended up stuck for four days. 

What was interesting the most was that Cutie wasn’t very high on the tree. She could get down easily; however, she was paralyzed by fear of the dogs returning.

She felt safer on the tree despite the harsh weather she endured. Finally, after four long days, the weather allowed Randall to embark on a rescue mission. 

The rescue was very challenging for the guy despite being experienced. Randall shared on his blog:

“Cutie is normally a very friendly girl, but she was terrified to see me climb up to her. She walked out to the end of the limb to get as far away from me as possible, and there she stopped and let out a sad and pitiful cry of doom.”

The cat’s condition broke the man’s heart, as he had no quick way to encourage her. He even tried luring her with food, but sadly, it didn’t work.

After trying almost everything, Randall decided to give the cat a pause, hoping she would come to him, but that didn’t happen either.

Randall proceeded with his mission and wanted to get closer to Cutie, but the limb she was standing on was too small for his weight. 

Fortunately, he saw a more substantial upper limb and decided to use it to get closer to Cutie. Randall stretched out horizontally to reach the cat and finally, she began to feel much better. 

He proceeded to coax her until she finally came to him and started rubbing her cheek on his hand. That was the moment Randall knew everything would be alright. He said:

“It took me 40 minutes in the tree with her to reach this point, but that was when I knew it would all work out well.”

The cat finally came closer to him, so he spread the bottom of the cat bag over his lap to catch her. But, Cutie decided to tease him a bit more.

Initially, she stepped on Randall’s lap, but then she kept going to the other end of the limb, repeating all that several times.

The moment she returned and stepped on Randall’s lap again, he quickly pulled the bag up and secured her inside. Relieved, he climbed down the tree, and slowly released Cutie. 

Thanks to the brave Cat Rescue Guy, Cutie was finally reunited with her human Mildred and her feline sister. Fortunately, the cat wasn’t injured but needed some time to recover emotionally. 

Both Randall and Cutie’s human were overjoyed about the successful rescue mission, hoping she learned a lesson and that from now on, she will stick to the comfort of indoor life.

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