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Cat Suffering From Leukemia Was Withering Away At The Shelter Until This Woman Took Him Home

Cat Suffering From Leukemia Was Withering Away At The Shelter Until This Woman Took Him Home

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Laurence, who lives in Massachusetts, learned about a crowded shelter in Maine and began making trips to transfer cats to her local shelter. 

Each month, she’d embark on a 6-hour drive to transport around twenty cats, who would then find new homes within days. During one trip, Laurence discovered there was a special room for cats with leukemia, as she explained:

“I have a really soft spot for leukemia cats.”

cat with leukemia
Source: YouTube

Sadly, cats with leukemia often miss out on finding new homes and end up spending their lives in the shelter, withering away. 

Laurence’s heart shattered when she entered the leukemia room. She also learned that many people avoided the room, afraid of somehow catching leukemia themselves.

Among the shelter staff, only one woman regularly entered the room to feed the cats, as the others were too heartbroken by the sight. At that time, about 12 cats were in the room, but one cat, Bruiser, immediately came up to Laurence.

gray cat with leukemia
Source: YouTube

He climbed up to her and wrapped his paws around her neck. He was holding onto Laurence tight and wouldn’t let go. As she remembers:

“When it was time to go, they had to actually peel him off of me and it broke my heart to leave him there.”

No matter how heartbreaking it was for Laurence, she thought she couldn’t bring him with her. She already had two cats of her own, it seemed impossible to bring another one, especially one suffering from leukemia.

“How could I adopt a cat with leukemia right now?”

woman hugging cat with leukemia
Source: YouTube

Laurence discussed it with her husband, who firmly said no because they already had two cats at home. But Laurence just couldn’t stop thinking about Bruiser…

“I thought about him every day. I just wanted him to have a family and to be loved and be a part of a family, and I didn’t care how long that was gonna be, whether it was gonna be a couple of weeks or a couple of years.”

woman kissing gray cat
Source: YouTube

“The thought of not helping him was worse than what I knew I would go through emotionally.”

Laurence called the shelter, promising to revisit the conversation with her husband about adopting Bruiser, but he declined again. However, when the shelter inquired about the outcome, Laurence cheerfully reported that her husband had agreed!

It seems she was confident her husband would relent, driven by her determination to offer Bruiser a fresh start.

“I decided I was just gonna figure it out.”

blonde woman and leukemia cat
Source: YouTube

Laurence humorously mentioned she’d consider a divorce before abandoning Bruiser, even suggesting she might put her husband up for adoption instead. And with that, Bruiser became part of their family. 

However, after a couple of weeks at home, Bruiser struggled to stand, often falling when he tried to walk, and he started making distressed sounds that broke Laurence’s heart.

sweet gray cat with leukemia
Source: YouTube

Believing it might be the end, Laurence hurried him to the vet, where Bruiser was diagnosed with epilepsy, experiencing seizures among other serious health complications. As Laurence described it: “all sorts of crazy health issues.”

She took him to the vet every two weeks, Bruiser really warmed up to her and everyone thought they must have been soulmates in another life. They really bonded and whatever Laurence did, Bruiser was right by her side.

woman holding adorable cat
Source: YouTube

If she sat down, he’d jump into her lap. When she was running around the house, like getting the kids ready for school, he’d perch on her shoulders. And at bedtime, Bruiser would snuggle up close, resting his head on her pillow.

cat with leukemia laying on a owner
Source: YouTube

Laurence recalls feeling anxious about bringing Bruiser home, not just because they already had two cats, but also three young children and two dogs. To her relief, Bruiser fit right in with the family, and the kids absolutely loved him!

They eagerly helped with his care and even suggested to Laurence that they should adopt more cats with health issues so Bruiser could have companions. 

This idea made Laurence think about the other cats back in the leukemia room, prompting her to find another shelter closer to Massachusetts.

woman and cat
Source: YouTube

Because of Laurence, the Maine shelter’s room quickly emptied out! The new shelter easily found homes for the leukemia-stricken cats, offering them a new beginning.

Laurence finds it ironic that Bruiser, who wasn’t fond of other cats, spent so much time in that small room. They installed two cat doors on their stairwell and created a rotating system to manage Bruiser’s interactions with their other two cats.

kid and cat
Source: YouTube

Bruiser enjoyed playing with the kids, basking in the sun, and bird-watching from the window. Laurence felt he was like her own emotional support animal and now plans to only adopt leukemia-affected cats. 

When adopting Bruiser, Laurence wasn’t sure how much time they’d have together, but she was determined to give him a loving home for as long as possible. He was all about love, and her family wholeheartedly returned it.

blonde kid and cat
Source: YouTube

Bruiser lived with them for nearly four years, soaking up every cuddle and bit of affection, far exceeding everyone’s expectations. Eventually, his health sharply declined, leading to his final days with the family.

Laurence sensed deep down that it was time and that he had stopped fighting. After enjoying nearly four years with his devoted family, Bruiser was taken to the hospital and couldn’t be saved. 

Laurence cradled him as they watched the sunset together, with Laurence noting the sky’s exceptional beauty as he passed over the rainbow bridge. 

happy woman and cat
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Bruiser always nestled his head next to her neck, on her shoulder, but this time, Laurence felt his head gently drop. With tears in her eyes, she remembered:

“I always promised him that I would be there for him until the end. I’ll miss him every day. I was so grateful for every moment I had with him. I never took anything for granted because I knew it was limited. He was one of the greatest gifts of my life.”

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