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Cat Found Wandering Around The Trash After Being Heartlessly Abandoned By Her Owners

Cat Found Wandering Around The Trash After Being Heartlessly Abandoned By Her Owners

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Each day, more cats and kittens are heartlessly abandoned across the USA. Sadly, while some struggle to survive, others don’t make it after being uprooted from a comfortable indoor life.

Animal shelters across the US strive to rescue and help abandoned pets. However, the number of these animals increases rapidly, and it’s almost impossible for shelters to keep up.

Thankfully, alongside these shelters, there are dedicated cat lovers who refuse to ignore the plight of these animals and give them a helping hand instead.

abandoned cat
Credit: YouTube

Among these compassionate individuals are Stoyan and Dessy, a couple united by their love for cats. Their journey is filled with heartrending rescue missions, including the story of Blue.

One day, the couple received a message about a young cat who was heartlessly thrown out by her owners. Knowing that the cat wouldn’t survive for too long on the streets, they immediately sprang into action. 

They went to the apartment building of her previous owners, the place where she was last seen.

woman helping cat
Credit: YouTube

After wandering around the area for some time, the couple finally saw the cat. Opening a can of food was all it took for the hungry cat to approach them. The couple shared:

“It wasn’t hard to lure her, as she probably had not eaten in the last few days.”

Dessy and Stoyan coaxed the cat into the pet carrier and decided to give her a better life. Once she was closed in the carrier, the cat seemed very frightened, which is why the couple assumed she was abused by her previous owners.

abandoned cat have been founded
Credit: YouTube

The couple named the cat Blue because of her gorgeous eyes and decided to give her the help she needed. They kept her in their shelter room until they found her a perfect match.

After exploring her new safe place, Blue completely relaxed and transformed into a cuddly purring machine. She quickly settled in and started showing her true personality.

cat with woman who found her
Credit: YouTube

Not only was she beautiful, but she was also a playful, easygoing, and affectionate feline that no one could understand why her previous owners abandoned her.

Regardless of the reason, the most important thing is that Blue is now safe and ready for a fresh start, all thanks to the devoted couple who opened their hearts to her.

Hopefully, Blue found her perfect match and a loving home because. After everything she’s been through, she deserves nothing less!

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