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New York Airport Staff Shocked To Discover What Was Trapped Inside A Suitcase

New York Airport Staff Shocked To Discover What Was Trapped Inside A Suitcase

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Have you ever found yourself packing for a trip, only to discover your cat sitting on, or even inside your suitcase, claiming it as their own?

I know I have! My cats always know that suitcase means I’m leaving for a few days, so they’re protesting by sitting on it.

However, imagine not noticing your cat snuck into your suitcase and leaving with it to the airport! 

A similar situation happened to this Brooklyn feline. But, thanks to eagle-eyed airport staff, this misadventure didn’t turn into a catastrophe.

the cat is lying down and looking at the camera
Source: TSA 

I’m sure the airport staff at New York JFK International Airport thought they had seen everything, but finding a real live cat inside a suitcase? Now, that’s a story to tell!

When the suitcase was handed over to be checked for a journey, its owner had no idea what was about to happen next.

As the suitcase rolled through the X-ray machine, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) team was in for quite a surprise. 

Besides several bottles, glasses, and a pair of flip flops, there was a distinct outline of a cat. At first, they couldn’t quite believe their eyes. 

X-ray of a cat in a suitcase
Source: TSA 

But upon closer inspection, it was clear – a ginger cat was indeed inside the suitcase, alive and unharmed. This was a miraculous stroke of luck, considering the hours it had spent there.

They discovered that the cat was lying on top of the luggage and even had its fur sticking out of the case between the zippers.

Fortunately, the TSA officials noticed the cat on time and prevented it from boarding the plane all the way to Orlando, Florida, where it could easily die during the flight.

TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said:

“It’s rare to discover a live animal in a checked bag.”

The good news is that the cat didn’t try to escape, so they were able to hold it down until the passenger explained himself.

cat hair sticking out of the suitcase
Source: TSA 

What made the discovery even more astonishing was that the cat, who goes by the curious name of Smells, was not the suitcase owner’s pet. 

In fact, Smells belonged to another member of the household and had evidently snuck into the luggage unbeknownst to anyone.

The unlucky passenger rebooked for the following day, while Smells, unbothered by his wild escape, was safely returned to his family.

Later, Smell’s real owner explained that the cat probably sneaked into a house guest’s luggage when no one was looking.

Friendly Reminder

the man examines the suitcase
Source: TSA 

Cats are sneaky creatures who don’t like to be left alone for too long. So, be careful when packing for your next trip! You don’t want your cat to end up trapped in a suitcase like poor Smells, nor do you want to miss your flight.

On a more practical note, Farbstein recommends using specialized pet carriers to ensure your furry friend can travel safely and in accordance with the law on your next flight.

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