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Young Woman Adopts Her Late Grandpa’s Senior Cat To Fill Her Golden Years With Love

Young Woman Adopts Her Late Grandpa’s Senior Cat To Fill Her Golden Years With Love

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Adopting a senior cat who has spent most of their life with one owner can be quite a challenge. Every cat needs time to adjust to a new environment, but these older kitties also require time to build trust with someone new.

Angela found herself facing this challenge when she welcomed Mackenzie, an adorable yet grumpy senior calico kitty, into her home.

Mackenzie was Angela’s grandfather’s cat, but after his passing, no one wanted to care for the 14-year-old feline due to her feisty personality. 

grumpy cat with her owner
Credit: YouTube

Angela knew she was Mackenzie’s only hope and understood that it wouldn’t be an easy journey. Nonetheless, she embraced the opportunity and opened her arms to Mackenzie. Reflecting on Mackenzie’s arrival, Angela shared:

“Mackenzie was originally adopted from a shelter. She was the kitten from the local shelter that my grandmother wanted, and my grandfather didn’t. After my grandparents passed away it was make it work or take Mackenzie to a shelter, and she was 14 years old and grumpy and growly, and she would’ve spent her very last days at a shelter.”

Having lived with Angela’s grandparents for years, Angela couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Mackenzie at a shelter. She knew that Mackenzie wouldn’t fit into the shelter environment due to her personality and age.  

grumpy cat with open mouth
Credit: YouTube

So, the only reasonable option was for her to adopt the cat and allow her to spend her golden years in the best way possible. 

The biggest challenge was transitioning Mackenzie from one home to another. Fortunately, Angela’s father, a welder, provided a solution by using his welding gloves to safely transfer Mackenzie into a pet carrier and her new home. 

Adjusting to her new surroundings proved challenging for the naturally spicy Mackenzie. Despite Angela’s efforts to make her comfortable, their bond developed slowly. 

photo of a grumpy calico cat
Credit: YouTube

It took almost a month for Mackenzie to come even near Angela, but she was determined not to give up. Angela recalled:

“I remember one night, I was just looking at my phone, sitting on the couch, and she hopped up beside me. It was a slow transition for sure, but once she trusted us, she was just the sweetest cat in the world.”

Once Mackenzie realized that Angela was her new family and caregiver, their relationship flourished. Despite her grumpy meow, Mackenzie showed her sweet side. Angela humorously remarked:

“So, a normal cat would meow and everyone would say, ‘Oh, it’s just a cat meowing,’ but Mackenzie would meow, and they’re like, ‘Why is that cat so mad?’”

grumpy cat sleeping
Credit: YouTube

In addition to her grumpy demeanor, Mackenzie would hiss at various things, likely due to the unfamiliar experiences she encountered, such as the car. Angela explained:

“She was really scared of the car at first, but once she realized the car meant going somewhere fun, then she just had a blast.”

However, with time and trust, Angela and Mackenzie embarked on adventures together, from beach outings to boat rides. They finally strengthened their bond, and it was the best thing ever. 

grumpy cats birthday
Credit: YouTube

Angela has zero regrets about adopting Mackenzie. In fact, she believes they bonded because both of them had hard times. She said:

“We were the best of friends. At the same time I moved home, I was going through a lot in my personal life. And it was very similar for Mackenzie. Her whole life was uprooted. So, we bonded partially because of that.”

Although Angela probably didn’t expect that, Mackenzie brought a lot of happiness and inspiration to her life. She inspired Angela to open a charity, which she named My Grandfather’s Cat. 

grumpy cat looking at the camera
Credit: YouTube

The charity assists elderly individuals in finding homes for their pets, ensuring they avoid the fate that Mackenzie narrowly escaped.

Angela adopted Mackenzie now knowing what awaits her, but she has no regrets. She shared:

“Every single day, I told her I loved her. My biggest thing was always taking care of her because that’s what my grandparents would’ve wanted. And that’s what I did until she was almost 18 years old.”

grumpy cat with her owner in the car
Credit: YouTube

Sadly, Mackenzie crossed the Rainbow Bridge due to her old age, but there’s no doubt she lived a happy life, despite all her grumpiness. Angela added:

“I’m very grateful I was able to adopt her and have her for three years. I fully believe that her and my grandparents are together, that they’re high above the clouds being our guardian angels, Mackenzie snuggled up between them all together and watching down on us.”

This heartwarming story about a senior, grumpy cat shows us that love always finds a way. With patience and love, even the most unexpected connections can blossom into beautiful stories.

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