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22 Cats That Are The Captains Of Their Ship

22 Cats That Are The Captains Of Their Ship

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Doing the captain’s job is no easy task, but the following kitties seem to know what they’re doing. They are prepared for all the challenges the sea might bring. These cats have got what it takes, so don’t worry. You’re in good… paws. 

1. Hoist The Sails! 

2. Autopilot On A Boat Is A Thing, Right? 

3. Got To Get My Daily Dose Of Sunshine 

4. I Can See From Afar, Everything Is Under Control 

5. All Aboard The CATatonic! 

6. I Don’t See No Iceberg 

7. Permission To Board The Kitty Cruiser? 

8. To Be A Captain Is To Lead A Solitary Life…

9. Cat Captain’s Job Is The Hardest Job!

10. Changed My Mind! I’m Too Young To Be The Captain

11. There Is No Better Captain Than Me

12. Always On The Watch

13. This Hooman Ain’t Getting Nowhere Without Me

14. Ahoy!

15. Smooth Sea, But A Skilled Sailor

16. Ay, Ay, Captain

17. Sailing Is My Life Now

18. Not All Of Us Are Captains

19. Captain Celebrity Over Here

20. She Is A Dedicated Sailor

21. The Sea Life Chose Him

22. Life’s Good On The Boat

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